Hundred Degree Cafe

It's been awhile that I didn't go around to check out the newly opened outlets of the new waves of kopitiams which boast a nice nostalgic design,  comfortable surrondings, giant posters of JB in the 60s and 70s and great coffee in those old fashion ceramic cup.
OK, I spotted this not too new kopitiam while on the way to Tesco Plentong. My wife who's been there said they make great toast, so I decided to give it a try for tea on a saturday afternoon.

I wonder why they named it 100 degrees kopitiam...must have a reason and probably deal with coffee.

Here's a snap of one part of the interior. Nostalgic design, clean and comfortable.

The Laksa looks good on the menu and we thought (and tempted) of trying it, despite I having a bad stomach that day. Well, I ended up visiting the doc at night for gastric. :( OK, back to the laksa, it's kinda a bit spicy to me but it's good. There are two big prawns  there. Anyway, good thing I shared this with my wife else I may have to take MC on the following monday. LOL
OK, the toasts. This looks special, they called it 'chi chi toast' or something. It's chicken floss on top of the toast with mayonaise. My son love it!
Here's another toast from their menu which is my favourite - garlic toast. It took them a while to prepare the toast and I guess it's really 'freshly' prepared, with fresh garlic..hahah... It tasted great! I will probably come again for this.
And as usual, I cannot end a meal without a coffee.


  1. I'm a big fan of toasts... lol... that chicken floss one looks so nice!

  2. ahhh i can almost smell the addictive aroma of coffee..

  3. woooowwwwwwww i am drooling over that laksa lar.....btw i am a sucker for laksa or curry mee hahahaha

  4. clef - wow...so , u eat a lot of roti, huh?

    foongpc - yup... the garlic one is better. chicken floss ..too sweet for me, due to the mayonaise

    chuskulit - haha...

    manglish - come back!!

  5. Ahh these are good varieties of food. Followed your blog now sir, hope you can visit sometimes

  6. looks nice ler...so many new cafe name. cant wait to open my own cafe...dreaming ler... will call it via's coffee cafe

  7. For more than 3 years I'm residing in JB and I didn't even realise a yummy stuff here. Got to give a try one fine day.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!