Lunch@Seasons again...this time in Pelangi Mall

I'm back in Seasons cafe again and this time round, I'm at the Pelangi Plaza's branch. Well, probably the outlet is very convenient for us after running our errands at Cold Storage below, and there's also a  variety of food. Here's a picture of the cafe.

I chose one of the best seats over there which was facing the mall's open area. Love the X'mas decor, especially this year's, though it's not as grand as bigger malls in KL or S'pore.

OK.....well..I had the same  thing again, Aglio Olio! Probably I want something light and also, I love pasta in olive oil.
And, again....Earl Grey Tea to calm my soul and refresh my mind...LOL
Well, just a simple and healthy meal to help me keep my weight in check... :)

I like eating here in the open air. It is better than eating in some cheap building made with vinyl siding.


  1. Oh! Earl Grey's tea... my favourite. I usually take this for bfast. Very nice wan!

  2. earl grey's tea has the same color as jasmine tea

    A smile from SJ =)

  3. hahahahahha......same stuffs again? they must be very nice...or u r like me, when i like same thing, i just eat them all the time and lazy to try something else...hahaha:)

  4. After 5 years ataying in Johor, i only been to Pelangi like.. ONCE only.. haha
    Pelagi plaza, is the one in Johor hor?

  5. That's a healthy meal indeed! And so nice to eat and enjoy the Xmas decos! : )

  6. clef - i prefer it over tea time or dinner. Breakfast is always - KOPI!

    SJ - slightly darker

    BF - yeah..and im sure your place can felt more atmosphere

    manglish - well, maybe that's what I like and also watching my weight. been gaining some lately. :)

    Gallivanter - err... nothing's wrong with it. u dun like pizza too?

    Donna - aiyo..ya la

    foongpc - dats what I felt!