Stonegrill and sirloin steak again!

Oh yes! I'm back in Stonegrill! I really missed those sizzling sound of the steaks, salmon fish or chicken chop. In fact, before you stepped into the restaurant, the aromatic cooking smell of steaks in black pepper sauce were already teasing your senses.

Well, here what I have in order to make my afternoon more pleasurable - Sirloin Steak. The steak is marinated with I dunno-what-spices or herbs and it smells really good when it sizzles on the hot burning stone! I really enjoyed cooking this big piece of meat! LOL

Here's how it looks like when cooked and .... the remaining of which haven't gone into my mouth. :)
I've yet to see any Stonegrills restaurant outside of JB but there's really quite lot of branches all over here.  I can recalled there's one in Pelangi Plaza, City Square, Tebrau City, Jusco Bukit Indah and Sutera Mall, which is spreaded across the city. Their specialities, of course, meat (chicken, kebab, salmon, lamb chop, beef steak) cooked over a hot burning stone and is served raw initially. Besides that, they do offered bee hoon in both soup and tom yam, which was also kept heated under a hot burning stone.

The Sirloin Steak cost around RM23.90, and this stonegrill that I went to is located at - G22, Groung Floor, Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah.


  1. stonegrill!!! long time i havent tried oredi, the VERY 1st time was in Clark Quay in Singapore, i think it was just being introduced then...cost me a bomb as i was still a student....must go back and try hahaah :)

  2. wah..they cook infront of u? so geng.. u r still growing, so can eat like a young boy la.. if i eat that chunk, wah.. can fill me one whole day, man...

  3. manglish - must try, bro...must come back and try. hahha..

    Gallivanter - i bet u will have steak soon.

    BF - try it when u r someday

    reanaclaire - not really la..I really put on a lot of weight lately, want to cut down but cannot resist all these food.

  4. I H.A.T.E you! Enuff said. Now I am going, because my stomach is singing a rock song! LOL!

  5. cleffairy - LOL...i always told you to come in with a full stomach. :)

  6. they transformed into real yummy looking

    A smile from SJ =)

  7. the sirloin steak rm 23.90 only...so cheap ah...yeah...i that sizzling sound also....yum yum ler

  8. Stone grill in sutera mall made me waited for ONE hour for their raw meat!!! >.<

  9. vialentino - yeah, confirmed that price. I still got the receipt with me when I blogged this post.

    Donna - that one ah... i also dun like

    chubskulit - well, it surely does!