Chicken Hor Fun war...

I didn't really know the chicken 'tauge' hor fun in Ipoh opened in the noon too, as it was all along opened at night during 'my days' in Ipoh. Well, while on the way to get some biscuits and delicacies back to JB and S'pore, I passed by the two famous chicken hor fun in Ipoh City, 'Lou Wong' and 'Onn Kee'. It was WAR!!!

Well,not exactly fightings occured between both restaurant but both shops seems to have their fair share of crowded customers having the Ipoh delicacy on a hot afternoon. Both places were crowded!! Above is 'Lou Wong' while below is 'Onn Kee'. It was not like that during my 'stay' in Ipoh back in the yesteryears. Well, this place really has become a tourist attraction!!

Too bad I already had tea before going to this place else .... I will join in the war!! hahha..... I didn't really tried both when I'm back this time round, though I have had it at other place in Ipoh.

Not far from here, there's also a lot of pastry shops selling tidbits like Ipoh's famous 'heong peh' (fragrance biscuits), coconut sweets, tambun biscuits and etc. Check out this one ... Yee Hup Confectionary.

This is what I have been shopping for - 'Heong Peh'. It's really crispy,sweet and delicious. Anyway, to my ignorance, these packets of biscuit was also sold just opposite my company here in Spore and almost everywhere in JB...hahaha... Anyway, I saved a few RM buying in Ipoh, maybe it's fresher here.

A peep at the outlet, the crowd mostly are tourists I believe except the one in red who's my mum.:)


  1. ohhhh i love heong piah hhhehhe....do you notice that every hawker centers or restaurants are selling the same food? haaahahah....

  2. manglish - yeah man! I can find delicacies from penang in Ipoh and Ipoh stuffs in JB and all can be found S'pore. No need to travel so far to buy now. Anyway, for hawker centres, the so called Ipoh hor fun or Penang Laksa is just an imitation only, really far behind the 'actual' standard! LOL

  3. eh..how come my comment was not here? i was in fact the first commentor yesterday.. funny.. i was saying now that the loe wong is opened during the afternoons, it has more biz than night..cos most tourists now come in loads of buses to taste their chicken.. he cannot become poor la..this boss... hahha...
    i told u to try the wong tong heong pian too..
    aiyoh..where has my comment gone to????

  4. reanaclaire - err...u didn't submit properly la..
    yeah, they are getting fatt and fatt as days goes by. Long live nga choy kai. Nope, didn't try that, actually don't have much time to venture around.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, Chris. Mine is more of a "Chapalang" blog :p. Have become a follower of your blog too.

    I am more in love with the taugeh instead of the chicken there. The taugehs in Ipoh are mostly bulat-bulat ones. I wonder why...

  6. reanaclaire @ I have noticed you have lost your comments a couple of times, dare I suggest that you COPIED your comment before you post them and after you are sure it has been submitted then only you do not need to PASTE? I do that all the time.lol

    My mother is from Kampar. So I was brought up appreciating all the goods from Ipoh. I always stop by Yee Hup Confectionary. So many goodies!lol

    Hhmmm...in Selangor, the chicken rice "war" can be found along JALAN GASING. Anyone been there?


  7. Hello Chrisau, Happy new year to you and all at home, and the very best of 2010.
    Nice pics you posted. I have always loved Ipoh and the shops here, love that nga choy dish. Never failed to order that when passing thru Ipoh.
    Only can get it in Ipoh. Love the poh pia that shop too.
    You have a great new year, best regards, lee.

  8. smallkucing - I believe it's the water...haha.. I also can't find it anywhere and it's real tough when you have a craving of it. And, I guess they prevent it from being exported out of Ipoh?

    Shakira - Guess ReanaClaire will appreciate that piece of comment..haha.. yeah, the delicacies in Yee Hup are great. I always visit it when I'm back!

    Uncle Lee - Happy New year to you too!! The poh pia, nga choy kai and etc are a must to eat when you're here! And, Ipoh got lots of pretty girls too ...LOL