Heritage ....

It's always a refreshing sight to see restored pre-war houses in Singapore. These shoplots looks so beautiful after the refurbishment and repaint and its usefulness still stands, either for commercial purpose or just stayed in  for residency.

The pre-war shophouses at Tessensohn Road, above and below

Away from the bustling shopping districts or tourist attractions, I checked out the quieter side of the city which definitely have a history to tell.

Shop houses near the Raffles hotel - The beautiful exterior has been preserved while I believe they renovated the interior for business needs

The other side of Singapore near beach road.
It's seems down memory lane walking along these corridors. :) Meanwhile, along the shoplots near beach road , there's a lot of nice eateries especially chicken rice, western food and pubs. I was at YY Kafei Dian for their chicken rice, which were crowded during lunch.

Smooth and tender chicken meat


Besides the chicken rice, I also love their kaya bun, which has a thick crust at the top. 

Yummy............ :)


  1. Those pre-war houses look like those we have here in Penang! I would love to try that chicken out, looks very good :D

  2. yeah, i love to see those pre-war houses being stored than to be demolished - why not keep them in sight rather than just in our memories??

  3. Very nicely done - I hate it when they make it too colourful...like a theme park.

    Near Raffles? Middle Road? That would be where the very famous Singapore chicken rice was - Swee Kee, I think the name was...

  4. The first two photos don't look like anything in that area though. I used to stay at the HDB flats opposite Golden Mile long long ao - the other end of Beach Road whereg Raffles is.

  5. Ken - Well, Singapore and Penang together with Melaka used to be the straits settlements, thus there will be a lot of similarities.

  6. STP - Yup, somewhere around there. There's a lot of chicken rice shops there. I think Swee Kee still around.

  7. STP - The first two pictures are around the Serangoon area.

  8. I love all the old buildings in Singapore. They really take good care and repaint like new!
    I never get tired to see old buildings when I visit China several times a year.

    1. TZ - yeah, they really preserved and take care !

  9. yes I can still find those heritage places in Penang.