Bugis ...

I passed by the Bugis area and I thought the place was beautiful at night. Thus, I decided to help myself with some snapping of the night sceneries. There was not much changes except opening of a new MRT line and new shopping centre to that place for the last decade but then, it was always crowded and bustling!

Bugis Junction and Continental Hotel

The Rochor building at the background ... which is going to make way soon for an highway

Landmark Village Hotel .. famous for Indian cuisines 
I am sure this place will change a bit once developments started , especially the highway at the Rochor centre.


  1. I think orchard has better lights and decor no? but it can be too crowded to snap some nice photos sometimes :x

  2. It certainly is a far cry from the 70's when it was known for all the pondans, the transvestites that roamed the streets at night. Some were very beautiful though... Wink! Wink!

  3. I stayed in Ibis, Bugis the last time I was there.. convenient, near to MRT and makan places...

  4. more than 10 yrs I have not been there

  5. It is beautiful at night in kl too. But so hazy these days :(

  6. Reana - yup, ibis very convenient.