winding down......

Sometimes it's easy to frown and get angry over small matters. I remember there was once when I was in my previous company, a colleague of mine just cut through a working conversation that I had with my another colleague. This 'rude' colleague was much senior than me and while I was speaking, she just cut through and talk to my colleague! I was like ....wtf .... but I kept my cool and wait till she finished. Anyway, that really spoils my day and I was feeling irritated when I thought of it! However, on the other hand, it's not worth fretting over these small matters and I guess this colleague of mine may do it habitually or not on purpose. Well, it could be culture, mindset, stress or whatever, as she's actually a nice lady. The bigger picture is not to sweat the small stuff and spoils your day, don;t you agree ?

I patronized Breeks in City Sq. Jb and I love the coffee! It was so refreshing and really helps me to wind down on a Friday night, after I have braved a crowded and jammed custom. I had salmon steak for dinner which was quite pricey, at RM29.90. However, it's quite a thick piece of meat and I love the sour and sweet gravy on it. 

A refreshing cup of americano

Salmon Steak...love the gravy


  1. RM30 is kinda expensive~ i would pay for RM10 for that set~ XD

  2. 1st photo looks like at the Irish place in Mid Valley that I went to.

  3. Mr.Lonely - Yes, it's indeed not cheap.

  4. coffee again? LOL...you addicted to coffee la....everytime see you blog got coffee

  5. what is your favorite coffee? Starbucks?