I won!!

I posted two weeks ago that I entered a photography contest and I even solicited some votes from my dear readers here. Well, to my delight, I came out as the winner of the photography contest with 271 likes (votes) compared to second place 145 likes and third place 111 likes. Though the prizes are not very attractive, it's a great feeling to win something. And, thanks for your votes!! :)

It was also quite a fun and exciting two weeks where my competitors and I chased each other to get the top spot. In the beginning, there was this contestant 'C' who fought neck to neck with me for the likes for the first 3 days. It's either I led him with 5-10 likes and vice-versa. Then, thanks to my niece,  who was my 'secret weapon', she 'liked' my photo and I gained almost 50 likes instantly. She has a huge fans followers in her FB page and I got lots of support from her fan base. Contestant 'C' seems gave up and his likes kinda stop growing after that. *evil grin* 

Then, there was this contestant 'B' who suddenly caught up with 'C' and her likes suddenly shot up to 80 from 20 over the weekend! I was leading by 100+ then. She was very aggressive and at this rate, I might lost! Thus, I messaged my niece again and this time to share it on her timeline, and my vote count shot up to 150+.It shot up again to 200 when she shared again the following day.  LOL .... And, yeah, I also broke the morale of contestant 'B'. Her votes also slowed down after that.

It's all for the fun of it and I am going to buy my niece a good dinner! And, thanks to all who voted for me again! Anyway, I don't think I will participate in this kind voting kinda contest again as I really don't think it's a right method to choose a beautiful photo. I still prefers a judging panel. :)