Strange, somehow I recalled a piece of advice from a classmates back in the 90s then. I remember he told me whenever I wanted to do something, do it wholeheartedly with 100% efforts else do not do it. We may set a lot of goals and have a lot of wish lists but somehow, if you are not interested in putting efforts to get it, chances are you will attempt it half-hardheartedly and give up. On the other hand, don't do it if you are not interested rather than being greedy in wanting this and that. What do you think ?

Btw, I had this yummy, delicious and rejuvenating beef noodles soup at Niniq bistro and bakery, JB. The soup was damn good while the beef was very tender. Dipped it in their chilli and it was really good! This should be Indonesian type of beef noodles as Niniq is famous for their Indonesian cuisines.

The beef noodles I had at Niniq Bistro in JB


  1. Now this one looks good. Dark broth because of the beef or they added Bovril or some dark sauce?

  2. agree with STP.the soup looks thick. Taste very strong ka?

  3. Noodles looks not bad oh!

    But beef is not my thing~

  4. STP - definitely not Bovril, but some broth. A little spicy too.