Relaxing at Kluang Rail Coffee....

After leaving Zenxin for Kluang, my wife visited her godsister who suffered a mild stroke. She has been staying in the hospital for three days before given the green light to go home. When I read her medical report, I was so shocked that her cholesterol level was 9.9 mmol/L and her uric acid was super high around 410µmol/L. I understand she was a meat lover and didn't exercise , not forgetting that she also seldom did any medical screening. It was real scary but her doc manage to bring her cholesterol level back to a 'safety' zone. My wife's sister will be staying with her for a few days. 

Meanwhile, while leaving for home, as usual, we decided to have a tea break at Kluang's famous Raillcoffee. Their coffee was real good, very 'kao' and aromatic. My wife ordered a mee rebus while I go for Asam Laksa. The mee rebus was good but somehow, the laksa lost a bit of the standard. 

Mee rebus.. love the thick gravy

Asam Laksa
It was indeed a long day when reached home and  I can't wait to have my shower and turn on the air-cond to wind down. And, don''t forget to exercise regularly, have a medical checkup when it's due and keep our blood pressure down. :)


  1. The mee rebus looks very nice... Slurpsss!!!!

  2. At our age, we really need to exercise more often and eat healthily. It is terrible to be sick and become a burden. Your wife's god sister is blessed to have your care and concern.

  3. The mee rebus and assam laksa looks something similar with ours here, hehe~