Collecting my prize...

Perhaps this ends my photography contest saga. I went to Zenxin at Kluang, Johor to collect my first prize of cash, vouchers, membership card and not forgetting an interesting Fujifilm Instapix Mini 8, which is an instant camera. They also posted this on their facebook page.

Yours truly and my little princess collecting the prize from Zenxin's rep. 
The camera looks good as it churned out credit card sizes pixs, though the films were not cheap. It's cost almost RM3 per pix but the interesting thing is you can buy various types of photo templates to use. I just had a light breakfast and when reaching there around 2pm, I was really hungry. So, I ordered  their signature dish, Ginger Chicken Rice set with a mulberry drink.  

My lunch at Zenxin Organic Park... 

A refreshing mulberry drink
I think the chicken rice was organic as the chicken meat was hard. It's a bit different from normal chicken rice as I can tasted ginger over the chicken meat. It's actually quite delicious and filling. I drove off to Kluang town after that.


  1. congratulation! the chicken rice looks good..

  2. Thanks wenn. Yeah, the chicken rice set was great!

  3. wei... belanja makan us la... we helped you click that one ah? so song!

  4. What a lucky boy! You won a prize! A big CONGRATULATIONS to you!!

    An organic chicken??? Funny!!!!

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  6. Twilight: LOL, probably no injections. And, thanks