Wind down with Japanese food and .... errr....

Finally heavy rain came today after days of humidity and stuffiness! Seeing that it was a cool day today where I actually felt the chill in the office, I decided to go for hot food after work. I was also not well today with a throat infection after having a Malay fried rice with fried chicken wing yesterday. The effects of the fried rice and chicken really fast and I woke up with a cough this morning.

Back to my dinner, I check in to Northpoint shopping centre for Japanese food. And, as usual I had my favourite Ramen and Chawanmushi fix. Here goes.....

My favourite chawanmushi - S$3.90
Kyoto Miso Ramen - S$12.90
Men-ichi Ramen Restaurant still offers one of the best Chawanmushi and of course, Japanese Ramen around. The soup of  the Kyoto Miso Ramen was simply fabulous and that makes the ramen delicious! This is one of my favourite haunts for simple Japanese food. 

Well, after a nice, warm dinner...it's time for me to take medication - Cough syrup, antibiotics, anti-inflammation and throat lozenges. :( Doc gave me MC for tomorrow but I guess I cannot afford to take it  due to some outstanding tasks as well as I will be off next Monday for a long weekend till Wednesday. I will sleep early tonight to rest and let's see how I fare tomorrow.

Medications & Consultation - S$48 :(

Meanwhile looking forward to the long, long, long weekend and bring my lovely wifey and my two 'manja' kids out again.... Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. waahh.. sick still got appetite for japanese food...
    get well soon!!
    this evening took your parents out for a big makan again.. will post up pics soon.. wei.. your parents asked when u going back to belanja wor?

  2. reana - I know la..mum just told me. So good... always got nice makan. How come u didn't go US leh?
    I plan to come back early next month but mum asked me to avoid 17th-19th as they have to attend course in your church. See how lor...

  3. Hope you're feeling better now! Take care ya~

  4. Hayley , Smallkucing - Thanks! Felt better now! :)

  5. hope u're getting better by now yea. ;)

  6. Nothing like a bit of hot ramen to heal the worst of ills... I miss Japan a lot and look forward to when I can visit it again. Hope you are better already, mate.