Conversation with a gym craze doctor.....

The doctor I visited was a gym enthusiastic. Thus, one of the questions he asked me was......

Doc :- Chris, did u exercise?
Me:- Yes, I did. I played badminton twice a week, as well as ran on the treadmill at least once a week.
Doc :- no good....
Me :- huh ?
Doc :- Chris, you should do more workout and cut down on badminton. The jumping and running not good for you, especially when you reached 40. Working out helps to build up your muscles and makes you looks younger too!
Me:- ...but I love badminton...it's my passsion...
Doc:- Most of the badminton players have pot belly... Go workout, every alternate days.
Me:- Ok, maybe I workout on Monday and Thurs and played badminton on Tues and Wed.
Doc:- No, better workout on alternate days....makes you look younger too.. played once a week enough.
Me:- errr...ok.

Well, tough talking to a gym craze doc. :p *ouch*.... got an antibiotic jab at the buttock  from that fella.... :P


  1. i missed my gym workouts since I started working in the shop.

  2. wenn - I used to workout a lot years ago but I have restarted badminton again recently. Ok lor...see if I'm hardworking enough to workout....hahaha

  3. The last time I went to see a doctor long long ago, he looked at me and said, "Omigawd!!! You are obese!!!!" Tsk! Tsk!

  4. suituapui - hahaha...time to cut down on your kampua noodles and workout!

  5. i miss my gym workout session for one week and this coming week I need to start it back! thanks to your post. Anyway, stick to what you enjoy la ...most important is that we do exercise to keep our body healthy and fit =)

  6. i love badminton too! come lets play together! :D har? antibiotic jab?? i wil run! lol

  7. YYTDH - just do it ...! It's lazy initially but once you started, you don't want to stop!

  8. Caroline - yeah lor...kena jab at the buttock somemore. still pain in the ass now... :P

  9. This reminds me - it's been ages since I had a regular workout routine... I've mostly been hit-and-miss with my exercising... :P