Tg Piai National Park

The popular stone that greets you at the entrance
I love nature, of late! I'm not sure why but I feel it's really good to escape the concrete jungle and get close to nature. Check out the southern most tip of Asia, not just Peninsula Malaysia, which is the Tg Piai National Park in Johor. Over here, you can see Indonesia and Singapore where your handphone kept on changing signals, if you left it auto-roamed.

a relaxing greenish trail along the mangrove jungle...
For typical folks like us, there are nothing really much to shout about at this place as it's really 'nothing' but just as a natural park. However, to the nature-loving folks, bird lovers, researchers and etc, it may means more than that. For me, it's just a park to me but also a place to escape. To be away from the massive jam-packed crowd in the trains, the traffic jams, work and retreated deep into nature.
check out the roots... strong enough to withstand the waves...

I love this pic...taken afar from the jetty. Check out the shadows of the jetty bridge.
I especially love observing the slow calm sea here, which was a juncture between the straits of Johor and straits of Melaka at the jetty, which was built far out to the sea. It was low peak then and you can see those walking mangrove fishes called mudskipper that crept at the wets sands. You can actually 'lost' yourself in time by looking around the views here.
the popular directions signage at the jetty

waiting for sunset
An army of mudskippers!!
view of the mangrove forest from the jetty
Overall, it was worth paying RM5 (for adults) and driving for almost one and a half hour from JB to come to this little and not so well-known place. In fact, coming to this place has to pass through some hidden malay kampungs and you can easily get lost. The park was also not commercialized, unlike some places with lots of shops there but just nature. However, the place is becoming a littering ground for irresponsible folks who just littered like nobody's business.
my kid at the southern most tip of Asia...!!

wifey and daughter

That's me with my daughter at the jetty...
Earlier, we were at Pontian for some nyonya food and after Tg Piai, I got some durians along the coastal road. It wad indeed a refreshing and relaxing one day trip!  Next...maybe joining a group to climb Gunung Ledang or family getaway to Cameron Higlands in June.:)

Have a great week, folks!


  1. waahh.. good family outing! your kids are getting cuter.. :)

  2. what a wonderful escape from city life with your family. :)

  3. I like to see mudskippers hopping. Very cute :D

    Nicole is very cute. Very geram, so adorable!

    It's May already and June will come in a blink of an eye and you'll get to bring your family to Cameron dy, so be happy coz in no time, you'll be in the high lands :D

  4. Have to walk kah? No, thank you! LOL!!!

  5. I always love nature! Enjoying the nature calms down my mind..

  6. I had wanting to visit this park for sometime now

  7. reanaclaire - yeah! I always love to bring them out around. Good for my kids too to see things around!

  8. smallkucing - a perfect getaway and cheap.

  9. Merryn - should told me earlier..i catch some mudskipper for you and ethan next time...

  10. suituapui - oii...cikgu..exercise la. Don't always makan good food!

  11. Hayley - You can always to go Maxwell hill!

  12. wenn - yeah...i know. Your other blog very 'nature'!

  13. Sharon - not too far from Spore...you can go there. But then, better stayed overnight in kukup.

  14. BF - hahaha...you been mentioning it many times before. Anyway, not near from Putrajaya and you might need to stay overnight in Kukup.

  15. i enjoy admiring nature, the sea, the mountains, the desert, all thru tv! strange enough, though i enjoy watching those, never crossed my mind that i wuld step my foot into a jungle! i think i was just afraid of leeches, i got terrified after seeing 5 or 6 leeches insides my shoes when i was hiking and i'm not kind enough to feed the mosquitoes. But nature does gives a lot of sense of peacefulness and loving thoughts to me!

  16. lena - not all places got leeches unless you go mountain hiking and places near the river. Give nature a try but do prepare for mosquitos and etc.