Weekend updates and makan...

That's how I spent my Saturdays .... usually arise early, sent my kid to school and have simple breakfast.
Kuih pulut , right ?
Breakfast set with ham, sausage and egg
Of course - Kopi 'kao'
 My family and I were at Taman Molek at a cafe called Sensation, which was one of those modern kopitiams that sprouted out years ago. It seems like these kopitiams are slowly fading away as more and more air-cond cafes and bistros are coming up.

After shopping nearby at Tesco and Giant, we headed to Niniq Bistro at Taman Pelangi for lunch.
Soto Ayam - I had this, the soup was great!

Satay Ayam set - My wife and my kid shares. The satay is good and big, but lots of fat.

And not forgetting a cup of Long Black on a lovely Saturday afternoon

We resume shopping at Jusco before I headed home for a lazy afternoon nap.... that's how weekend should be spent...rest and relax....


  1. yes..must relax! work so much money for what hor! hahaha...

  2. you definitely know how to get good food around your place... so enjoying :) Monday is coming and wish you have a great week ahead =)

  3. i miss eating nice soto ayam! :(

  4. reanaclaire - yeah.... must relax but no money.

  5. YYDTH - hahah..im on leave on mon... it's a long weekend for me.

  6. smallkucing - yeah...no kopi kao, no life..hehehe

  7. suituapui - those are healthy food wor!

  8. Sharon - no la...but this kindergarten special one... got sat classes then rest for three days per month.

  9. Caroline - believe me..the soto ayam best!

  10. wenn - kuih pulut is my fav kuih of all time, but this one not very good la.

  11. The food looks good... Such a relaxing day ya!

  12. Hi Chris, wow! Love the dishes here. I sure miss having satay and ketupat, soto ayam too.
    One advantage you have there is being able to go for these great breakfast or lunch dishes.
    We do have them, but not many around.
    Have fun, Chris.