Down memory lane ... Ipoh Old Town...

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! I just got back from Ipoh and Seremban and though the trip is short, it was a pleasant one! I especially love the time spent on sight seeing in my beloved hometown, Ipoh, on the second day of CNY and noticed the changes that took place!

I was at Nam Heong kopitiam, which is known for the origins of Old Town White Coffee, for a coffee break. My family and I were quite lucky as we managed to find a place in the midst of a crowded kopitiam. However, too bad, not all the stalls were opened especially the hor fun.

Crowded !!

Yummy popiah!

Curry Mee! 

Dry Curry mee

The famous Ipoh White Coffee ... woah ...!

After the simple meal, we walked around the quiet Ipoh Old Town and that place is really peaceful on the second day of CNY, compare to normal days where it was bustling with heavy traffic due to banks nearby and wholesale traders.

The corridors of the pre-war shophouses...so nostalgic!

Quiet and peaceful

One of the heritage buildings that should be preserved ... the Eu Tong Sen building built in 1907.

Another old shophouse ... notice the design of the house.
It's really like walking down memory lane in Ipoh. I thought of visiting the so called 'concubine lane' which features one of the oldest buildings there but my wifey decided to go elsewhere before evening.


  1. I love this place! :)

    I was here for CNY when I didn't come back to Sibu in 2009 too. I went to my friend's hometown instead, which is Ipoh and they brought me here. Good coffee and great food!

    Happy CNY to you and your family!

  2. The dry curry mee looks pretty good! Did u have anything good in Seremban?

  3. HB - Happy CNY to you too ! I guess the food will be nicer during normal days . Haha..

  4. Baby sumo - nothing much in seremban as I stayed in the house most of the time.

  5. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I thought you went to that franchise white coffee place, so desperate - Chinese New Year, all places closed....

    1. STP - what to do ... need to come out to breath some air rather than staying at home.

  6. I bet Claire must have been bringing you and family for lots of good food.

    Certainly love the coffee especially for a morning booster.

    Happy CNY to you & family!

  7. been there many times but still no idea where is 'concubine lane'.

  8. Yee Ling - Nope, she didn't bring me but I can managed la. I'm an ipoh guy. :)

  9. Yummy! I want the popiah and the coffee! :)

  10. Oh wanted to visit this place but i think it was closed that time, we had a detour to the one with its famous custard egg instead, but too sweet to my liking!

  11. Hardly can find such old Chinese shop houses around.

    So this is the origin of Ipoh Old Town White Coffee franschise??

  12. Gong Xi Fa Cai :)
    I love those heritage buildings, they are classic! Yummy Ipoh food, I must plan a makanthon with my family...

  13. Ken - The shop close around 5+ , I guess. I was there around 5th and they are almost closing.

  14. Rose - There are a lot of old shop houses in Ipoh old town. Well, not too sure about the origins but from words of mouth, they are the original old town white coffee.

  15. Iriene - Yes, you should and include me ! :D

  16. Whoaaa! I am also a white coffee addict! C

  17. Twilight - that's a good thing.:)