Coffee and Cakes...

I felt an urge for a nice cuppa of coffee and cakes, especially after reading Ken's posts of late :(. The first place that comes to my mind was Just Want Cafe. It's been a while since I was there at their Taman Molek branch. Anyway, I was at the Permas Jaya branch this time round since I needed to settle some bills nearby. It was not a great weekend as my kid needed to attend his replacement classes on Saturday and with Sunday a school day in Johor, my time with him is really little. Glad to wind down with some nice coffee as well as let my wifey relax.

Nice to enjoy a coffee made by a pretty lady ...

'Sculpting' the coffee

Here's my wifey's mocha .... to the delight of my little princess, for the Doraemon face

Choco Citrus Crepe

Latte Crepe

My cuppa of Cappuccino

The cheeky girl enjoying her cakes..
Again, I still think their coffees are much better than those established coffee joints and this will be my favorite haunts for some good coffee to wind down.

Have a good week!!


  1. Lucky, got a leng lui made coffee for you... xD

  2. ah, so you were there to enjoy your cup of "Doraemon" coffee huh?? hahahaha.. well, i would say that your cup of coffee will be 300% nicer and more worth the pay than that offered in the Doraemon Expo, haha~~ :D

  3. Ken - It's sculpted by that young and pretty lady !

  4. SK - lol ... I guess it must be expensive and lousy there !

  5. Oooo...the crepes look so so so good! Hah!

    The name reminds me of a joke:
    What do you call a lonely Indian?
    Jaswant Singh. (Just one)

  6. Coffee has become such an art. Lovely photos and great post.

    1. Thanks Linda for visiting my blog and leave a comment.

  7. Doraemon - yes i want to have a cup please.

  8. Cquek -Then you have ask for one with a doraemon 'sculpting'.