Niniq Bistro

I always love having hi-tea on a Saturday afternoon with my family. Well, of course I like it cos I don't have to work the following day and it's a great time to unwind and relax by having a nice cuppa of coffee and good food with no hurry or concerns, in a nice setting at a cafe. I was at work this morning for a special event and after an hour treat in a spa for thai massage (thanks to wifey who asked me to go as she will be late in fetching me home from the JB CIQ), this completed a refreshing afternoon!

We are back at Niniq Bistro in Taman Pelangi again after a long while, and glad to see that they have a new menu. Here's what we've ordered:-

Cream of mushroom soup with garlic toasts
 The creamy mushroom soup cost RM6.00 and it's indeed thick and filling. It's my son's favourite and though he can't finished it, it really kept him full for the afternoon especially that he ate both the garlic toasts.

Pasta Fussili
My wifey ordered the above pasta as she would like to have something light. Cost - RM12.80.The tomato paste was quite strong and it did gave it a great taste.

Ayam Goreng Platter
As I was quite hungry since I had my breakfast at 8.30am and it's about 3pm then, I decided to go for their signature Ayam Goreng Platter. It comes with yellow ginger rice which exudes a nice coconut milk fragrant. The fried chicken was also crispy and not forgetting a delicious but spicy sambal egg, which was not shown in the picture. Cost - RM13.80.

Last but not least, a meal will never be complete for me without a cup of java - Flat White Espresso. RM - 5.80.

Niniq Bistro & Bakery is located at - 40, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, JB.


  1. The pasta looks yummy. anyway, Hi, I'm a new blogger in town, following your blog. Have a blessed Easter Day ya :)

  2. Hi Chris, that dish looks delicious.
    I used to go eat at Pelangi when living in JB back in the early '80s.
    By the way, you've been to Desaru, Pengarang to eat the seafood there?

    I wonder how that place is now? My last trip there was in 1983.
    Have a nice relaxing day.

  3. The soup looks thick and rich, I like. Not the pasta, the ayam o.k. What's the meaning of the name? Sounds like some dangdut place... Hehehehehe!

  4. eh.. u better invest in a better hp camera... the colours come out so divine one.. i thought the last one was tomato soup! heheee..

  5. Uncle Lee - Yeap, I always went to Desaru.The seafood at Pengarang were always full of Singaporeans and you can never find a place to eat on weekends! You have a good day too!

  6. Suituapui - it's actually indonesian food at the beginning. Now, they add in more menus.

  7. reanaclaire - hahha...no worries. I used my old nokia camera phone and it didn't turn up so well. Iphone5 soon!

  8. YYTDH - haha..thanks for coming to my blog. Will follow u too!

  9. It's really a joy able to spend time with our family right? =)
    The food looks yummy!

  10. Hayley - yeap, it's indeed great especilly knowing that you don't have to work the following day.