Arashi Shabu-shabu

I really love shopping on weekdays especially in those busy malls where you can hardly move during weekends or public holidays! It was a contrasting view when you are there during weekdays and you can have almost the entire mall to yourself! Take your time to check out the stuffs you wanted to buy in an unhurried pace. In addition, you can check-in to those popular eateries with the best seats there!

I was on leave today and I almost spend an hour plus at Arashi Shabu-Shabu at Tebrau City, JB with my wife and my little girl, Nicole.We just sent our kid to school and we decided to hang out at this shopping mall till he finished school four hours later. Since it was weekdays again, there are lots of discounts around and we managed to order two special set meals at 50% off. Both sets came free each with chawanmushi and green tea ice-creams, besides the main dish.

The environment there is superb and relaxing though the place can be very crowded during weekends. Their chawanmushi is good and tasty and this is another recommended one from me. Not all chawanmushi at other eateries are that good.
ready to lit up the mini steamboat
I ordered a Seafood and meat shabu-shabu which comes with an assortment of tuna, salmon, beef, mushrooms, vegetables, squids, chicken slices, tofu and prawns. The set cost RM26.85, inclusive of the chawanmushi and green tea ice-cream. I opted for their Japanese broth soup.
Assortment of seafood and meat shabu-shabu
My favourite - sakae sashimi
My wife prefers something lighter and decided to go for the vegetables shabu-shabu in Miso soup, which cost around RM 15.35,which also comes with a free chawanmushi and green tea ice-cream.
Assortment of vegetables shabu-shabu
It seems kinda a long wait to me for the ingredients to cook as I can't wait to try out the dishes, especially the aromatic and fragrant hot soup. The first sipped was fantastic!
Getting ready to eat...
It's really a pleasure to eat at an unhurried pace in a less crowded restaurant and take your time to sample out the food. This is my so-called perfect meal as I would always like to eat slowly and relax. 

Green tea ice-cream
 By the time we are done, it's almost 3pm and we continued our shopping.....at a snail pace and take our own sweet time while I can't wait for a nice cuppa of coffee soon!

Arashi Shabu-Shabu is located at Aeon Tebrau City, Lot 623, G floor.


  1. Wow! On leave and go 'kai kai' with your family? So nice and enjoying!

  2. Love steamboat... Haven't had for a long time, no kaki... More fun if big group. :(

  3. RM26.85 after or before discount? 50% on Japanese food... wo, I'm so tempted to try!!!!^^

  4. Hayley - yup. Once a while, I will talk monday off and spend time with them. Nice hor ?

  5. suituapui - haha...u don't really need a big group. Just had it with your daughters and wifey.

  6. reanaclaire - hahaha..u lagi pandai tarn than me... :P

  7. Alice - after discount. Worth it right ? Got free chawanmushi and ice-cream green tea somemore!

  8. Sharon - if u free, we go eat durian follow by jap food..hahaha...

  9. Lovely photo...lucky i am full already else will drool

  10. i also would prefer go shopping on weekdays! :D eyerrr! so many nice food! i saw sashimi!!! T.T

  11. smallkucing - hahaha... go and have one!

  12. Caroline - yeah , especially KL. It was so crowded during weekends and public holidays. I rather stayed at home...hahaha

  13. after your 50% discounts on durians, now you're getting another 50% discount on this. saman can get 50% discount or not?