Kitaro's Concert at Marina Bay Sands

This was the second time I attended his concert where back in 2007, I attended one in Genting Highlands which also featured in my old blog. Being quite a fan of Kitaro, a Grammy award winner, I thought it's time again to attend another heart-stopping one and a half hour treat of taiko drums, electric guitars, modern and traditional percussion instruments and of course, his synthesizer.Well, Kitaro really can played all sorts of instrument.
Marina Bay Sands

I arrived just in the nick of time and though I stayed here, I never visited MBS before. I gotta asked for directions to the concert hall and I'm not the only one too. The hall was nice, cosy and of course modern, compared to Arena Of Stars in Genting. At least, I had a fixed cushion seat like those in cinema, unlike in Genting, we are seated on temporarily removable chairs. And, the good thing is, I'm just facing him as I was seated in the middle, though I'm far apart from the stage.
The beginning - A presentation of taiko drums beats

The sound system was fantastic at MBS and the audio-visual effects are simply awesome! There was a presentation of taiko drums with an injection of flute display for the opening by some Singapore-Japanese society. Once Kitaro was out there, he belted non-stop music, one after the other until a short break where he talked about the Earthquake in Japan and thank the World for the support. He was back with his music after that, and just music all the way till the end.

A display of drums and flute
I can't really recognized most of the songs he played though I boasted almost 80% of his albums. I guess probably, these were new songs. I especially love his classical numbers of Heaven and Earth, Caravansary and not forgetting the energy-filled Matsuri! In fact, when he played Matsuri, the audiences applauded and we are treated to a climax of a combination of traditional and modern drums. It was great!!  As usual, the concert ends with the Light of the Spirit, just like his previous concert in Genting.
The ending - Kitaro (in middle) with his crew

It was a great show though I was expecting him to play some of  the songs from his latest few albums. Well, anyway, those are played in the Genting concert.
I tried to zoom further (10x for my 60mm lens) but the lights are too bright which faded their face

I managed to snap a few pixs only as the watchers in the concert hall are very effective and efficient in preventing the audiences to take photographs.Kitaro will be performing in Genting this Saturday at Arena of Stars. Here's a latest pix of him in concert downloaded from his facebook page.

Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. wow...Kitaro very "geng" one wor...so long no news about him. You are so lucky to see him perform

  2. smallkucing - second time already...! He's really geng! The heart almost come out due to his drum beats!

  3. Wow.. I like his music too! Very nice and got 'oomph' :P

  4. hayley - really really very oomph!!!

  5. reanaclaire - sis...Air supply coming also..want to watch?

  6. Hi Chris, regret I never heard of this before. But they look good.
    And glad to know you appreciate this kinds of shows. Good for you.
    Best regards. Lee.

  7. huwa......good for u that u have the opportunity...love kitaro's music. listening to it makes you feel that he's bringing you to somewhere mystical.

  8. I like Kitaro... Still alive and kicking, I see...

  9. Hmm... really electrifying eh? I love Kitaro too but have never been to any of his concerts... sigh..

  10. no chance to see him live here in kuantan. :(