Weekend updates - 6 Nov and Moonlight Cafe, JB

*phew* ...I have been busy lately, can't really find time to blog during weeknights. Glad it's a long weekend and manage to go around makan and reading others' blogs! Nothing special on my weekend, just rest and relax at home besides living the city life - eat, shop and sleep. :)

I was again at Taman Sutera, which boasts the most eateries in JB where new makan places appeared like mushrooms and new ones are still being opened. I find this eatery, Moonlight Cafe, quite nice, they sold a variety of pastries while serving lots of local and western food in their menu. The ambiance is also cozy and relaxing.

Here are some of the buns we ordered - looks normal but very soft!

Onion Pizza - RM2.20

Multigrain bread - RM2.50
Chicken Fish Flake - RM2.20
I think their nasi lemak is one of the better ones around. Again, it looks ordinary but the rice is very fragrant!
Nasi Lemak - RM4.20

Seeing that I'm not too hungry and on a diet, I go for the typical Nissin noodle with chicken sausage. This is a so-so only, probably you can't really do much with instant noodles..LOL Anyway, their sausage is quite big.
Nissin Noodles soup with sausage - RM7.90.
And, of course, I can't live without a cuppa of coffee, love their cappuccino! A nice cup of java to relax on a long weekend!

Moonlight Cafe is located at 77, Jalan Sutera 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, JB.


  1. multigrain bun is my all time favorite!

  2. Hey there!

    Oh I love the city life! Eat, shop, and sleep. Of course there's work and social life on the side. Haha!

    Looks like a really good place. I love how their rice looks good.

  3. I was abit hungry, and when I read your blog, I felt even hungrier =_=
    Anyway, those buns are tempting!

  4. HalfCrazy - yes yes ... u r right!

  5. Hayley - well, I always feel hungry whenever I read others' food blogs too. haha...

  6. hmmm...this looks fantastic...getting hungry...
    hope you managed to get some rest over the weekend..

  7. City life.. give me a kampung life instead,you know bro,now i really feel we must or rather i must change this eat shop, sleep lah,, must go to the nature, breahte the air and smell the roses..

    hey are you coming to Penang for the Penang Bridge Run? if yes let me know, we meet up for coffee,, i am running this year after 3 years of hiatus, training hard lol.

    take care now and god bless

  8. The Nasi Lemak looks yummy and cheap too

  9. Claudia - will always try to get as much rest as possible during weekends. thanks for commenting. :)

  10. Eugene - err...marathon, no way. It's too tough..haha.. And, what to do, we all earn $$$ in the city, unless someone give me land in the kampungs to plant vegetables. haha..

  11. smallkucing - yeah, one of the best I ever tried.

  12. caroline - me too! I find Cupuccino not so strong as compare to others like americano or espresso.

  13. Hi Chris, I noticed you cross over to JB very often, huh? For food....
    I used to stay in JB, bukit Serene, very near Mechinta night club and Straits View hotel.
    And love the Teo Chiew moi at Jalan Ah Fook. Frequented that shop very often too back in the 80s.
    Love the dishes here....Lee.