Weekend Updates - 21 Nov

My leaves starting from tuesday night till today have finally finished and I gotta go back to work tomorrow... *sian* Anyway, didn't really go anywhere except staying at home to rest, blog, shop and eat.

I read a lot of blogs on mountain climbing and hiking and really feel tempted to try it out. However, I didn't manage to locate a club for beginners. Will keep on trying and preferably, try out easier paths first. Well, I was surprised the tallest mountain in South East Asia which is Mount Kinabalu is one of the easiest to hike. No experiences required...!

 I was glued to the TV for Asian Games which was shown live both on RTM and Channel 5 especially badminton. It was so exciting watching the semi-finals between Chong Wei and Chen Jin as well as the doubles final yesterday which Malaysia lost by a narrow margin.

I'm also recovering from my flu and cough which I got it last week and still got a little phlegm in my lungs. Sometimes it's quite difficult to breathe and I needed to take an expectorant to help get the phlegm out. *sigh* I need to take more Vit C!
 That's for the updates folks! Have a good week.



  1. may be u should consume some herbal soup with pak kei/pak pow sam since u hv recovered.

  2. sooooo.. when coming to KK to visit me n mount K? :p

  3. wenn - ok ok...tomorrow ask my mum to brew. She's here with me. haha...

  4. Caroline - that may that a while to materialise, probably after you give birth..haha... Probably I tried those shorter hills around and see if I can sustained it.

  5. get well soon and take a lot of liquid

  6. Chris,, follow your heart lah,if you feel like picking up mountain climbing, just go ahead ya, bet you will love it.

    take vitamin also,ok? don't forget to take probiotic for flu and all,now i take probiotic together with the daily dose of essential vit.hahah

    Lee Chong Wei, frankly to me is still a notch or two down compared to Lin Dan,i am not saying he is no good,just that he is not of Lin Dan's standard yet.

    take care and god bless

  7. Thanks Blee and thanks for coming too!

  8. kucing- sure sure..thanks! Felt ok now.

  9. Eugene - yeah... problem is I can't find kakis to join me. Not easy especially if you don't have like-minded folks unlike my badminton where I got a circle of friends who are interested. I used to take probiotics when I got constipation or diarhoea. haha..
    LCW not bad la.. he played well but Lin Dan is the best!

  10. Hi Chris, my wife and I have not taken a holiday more than 8 years now.
    We stay home relax....as both of us dislike the airport hassles....

    And when my working days, 25 years I never took more than 4 days off! Never once a day off sick even though I was half dead with fever, whatever.
    Reason being East Coast worked weekends, and thus working 7 day weeks.

    Anyway, when I gave up my job, I was given 3 months off paid holiday and monetary reward for all those years I never took a vacation.

    But I had a good boss...tells me to take off anytime I like. So during the week if I pass a lake or river, will stop and fish....

    I have one small regret re mountain climbing...I was too busy then, but wish I had climb Mt. Kinabalu or Mt. Fuji.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  11. Uncle Lee - Yeah, you are one of those who are 'tahan lasak' and made of steel in body and mind. As for me, I guess Im more made of tofu..hahaha... have a good week. Take care!

  12. I am sorry to say that Mt Kinabalu is not tallest in SE Asia as blogged by me. I got fooled by the wikipaedia and got blasting by so many bloggers!!! LOL