Soup is good for the soul...and body

I was not feeling so good few days ago and it's been raining non-stop in JB. In fact, I felt asthmatic and cold. Find it difficult to breath and my runny nose still keeps going. I thought I;m gonna take a day MC the next day till I had dinner.

For the rest of the day, I didn't really have any 'hot' food. I had bread for breakfast, chicken rice for lunch and bread again for tea. Seeing that we don't have any preferences for dinner on a cold , windy night ... we opted for a Fish Head Soup Steamboat. Together with some dishes like beancurd tofu and slice ginger chicken, I almost 'recover' instantly after consuming. The breathing difficulties cools away and I never felt so good again!

This led me to think that it's probably the cold weather and it's mind over matters on my 'illness'. And, having freshly boiled soup and fresh cooked food are definitely good for a body which is recovering from flu. Eat nutritious  but healthy food and drink lots of soup will do good for the body, and of course the soul. Now, I know why chicken soup is good for the soul...haha.

Have a good mid-week!


  1. nice to have steamboat when having flu. But must be the clear soup one. If tomyam sure mati cepat LOL

  2. Bro, drink a lot of water lol....take care ya, rest well

  3. i love soup!! can drink a lot!! :D n of course good for health oso! :D

  4. Get well soon, bro. dont work so hard like me.. hahaha..

  5. Rest more ya!
    Hope you're feeling better now..

  6. smallkucing - yeah, i love steamboat on a rainy night. aiyo...dun mentioned tom yam now...hahah

  7. eugene - felt better now... just came from my usual badminton routines :) thanks

  8. Caroline - Im having soup almost daily cos my mum is here with me now. Weekend, wifey will boiled in JB. :) Yesterday just had miso soup.

  9. reanaclaire - haha...u worked very hard lately ah? Well, Im a bit slow down.... it's end of the year.

  10. Hayley - thanks...getting better now. Need to take more vit C and sleep more!

  11. Hi Chris, ha ha, your mention of 'cold weather', you should be here....
    What you say 'cold' to us is mini skirt weather.
    When its -5'c, we say, "its chilly".
    At -10'c, we say, "it's cold"!
    At -28'c'? Then it's, "HOLY Sh%*!! Ha ha.

    We now getting -2'c at nights dropping to about
    -5'c. Still cool.....
    Won't be long before we get the snow and ice....and our solarium windows covered with ice.
    You stay easy, Lee.

  12. I love soup and go for my weekly ritual buffet steamboat here!