Anxieties over my financial plan

I decided to take two days leaves from work since Wednesday is a holiday and I don't feel like going back to JB on a Tuesday night and returned back to Singapore the next night. Thus, I take this opportunity to rest and spend more time with family.

Since I was so free, I thought I better start on my financial planning. I have been reading books on this subject and the first basic thing to do is to work out your budget for expenses and income monthly for the whole year. After working it out, deduct the income and expenses and the balance is ideally 0 or positive surplus. Of course, there may be more expenditure for a particular month but these extra can be offset in the other months. For the entire budget for the year, see if the balance is 0 or more. If it's in the minus sign, then perhaps adjustment should be done to the expenses. Do include a monthly savings to the plan. Once the plan is done, compare your actual expenditure and income with this budget plan and stay discipline in keeping close to your plan.

After working  out a draft, I was shock with my expenses and I almost got an anxiety attack, especially my wifey spelling out all the expenses. No wonder I didn't really save a lot! Well, staying in two places - JB and Singapore has incurred lots of expenses on me. Well, since I'm a bit stressed out, I needed a cool head to further work on it to see how to reduce the deficit, find ways to increase my income. I decided to relax to stay cool(see my previous two posting..hahaha.., it works). I still needed time to further improve the plan. Thus, no need to press the panic button yet. And, as in my previous post, the Lord will provides!

Well, I got a good eye-opener on my financial situation today as well as reinforced that blogging is therapeutic. My two previous posts reminded me to relax and the Lord will take care of everything. It helps me a bit just now. LOL

Have a good weekend!


  1. Ask you to do paid posts, u tak nak!! sigh.. now complaining.. so how.. want to do sidebar links or not.. ada duit one..

  2. I agree bro,,, cut down the expenses or increase the income,, saving money is important, investing well is crucial too.

    take care now, remember God wants us to be a good steward of our money ya.

    take care now

  3. maybe take part in MLM like I do..

  4. reanaclaire- ok, u recommend some to me la. hahah

  5. eugene- yes.... save and earn more. I'm working out on how to save more and explore any part income.

  6. wenn - i tried mlm 7 years ago but don't find it suitable for me.