Pontian Wanton noodles

This eatery seems to open more and more branches in JB and they have every  reasons to do so. I'm not sure if there's a main branch at Pontian, Johor which I guess it's likely, but their noodles are really good. I heard that there are some branches in Singapore too. Well, I really need to try it!

I had their famous curry Laksa and it's very delicious! Just spicy enough and not too hot, nice delicious 'hums' or cockerels, I keep going and going with the bowl of noodles until it finished. Their laksa is a good recommendation.
The eatery is actually well-known for their wantan noodle and I try some, which is actually for my wife.  :) The noodles are indeed nice and fragrance. Anyway, I still love their Laksa and I was not surprise most of the folks there ordered curry laksa.
This is another good one-their fried wantan. Very crunchy indeed!
Here's their advertisement sticking on their glass door at a branch in Permas Jaya. Luckily it's air-cond inside there ...imagine having a bowl of curry laksa on a hot weather!!

Pontian Wanton Noodles is located at  - 61, Jalan Permas 10/1, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor.


  1. Gosh...the curry laksa no need to taste can see that it's very delicious.

  2. ehh pontian wanton mee is red one leh, not curry laksa hahahahaha.....the ah chua wanton mee, this is impostor!! AHAHAHAAHA

  3. smallkucing - yeap, i love it!

    manglish - haha..i know u r going to comment this since you are a johorean.. well, probably for commercial purpose, just like the old town kopi.

  4. Wahhh... looks yummy. I wan the curry laksa!

  5. So far, i have not seen the Curry Laska in Singapore...

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  7. Thanks for this helpful post.i also like noodles.