Shoulder pain

"You gotta rest for at least 2 weeks but if the pain do not go away,it will be longer", said the doc. "Very difficult to stop leh...", I told doc. And she chuckled and said, "This seems a good problem". I ended up with three packets of medications, pain killers, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants.

Arhhh... I have to stop badminton for at least 2 weeks or longer .... maybe 1 month or so! That's really bad news! Well, I have been having a shoulder pain which likely is a ligament problem for almost a year now. And, after rubbing expensive heat rub  from Ebene (almost S$15 instead of S$9 from the normal brands), ketotop plasters and bought shoulder support (cost me around S$30+) , it's still not effective. So, I end up consulting  a doctor and that's what she advised me. Alamak...I guess I likely have to stay away from my beloved game for a while, guess 2 weeks are not enough.

Shoulder injury seems very common in badminton. Most of the folks I played with also have this problem, including my bro. I guess after you have reached a certain age, your muscles may got weakened and you have to reduce the frequency of play which stresses the muscles. Well, I played for a consecutive of two nights per week, though I didn't earn any Datukship from that game.:P

What I like of the game is it really gave a good workout which makes me feels good especially the next day, as well as socialising. Well, I gotta find an alternative now, a sports which sweats me out and not a bored one, like running on a treadmill. Any suggestions, folks? :)


  1. hahhaaha....hahahhaaa... now u too??? now u know why i couldnt play.. i also stopped already.. but after watching thomas cup, the hands like all itchy again...

  2. reanaclaire - yeah lor. This is a very common injury!

  3. How about going to chinese sinseh for urut?

  4. swimming? i heard it is a whole body workout and the water help reduce any risk of injuring the body leh

  5. As a physical therapist who frequently treats chronic shoulder pain, I find the primary issue is poor positioning of the shoulder blades at rest which sets up poor movement of them when the arms are working away from the body. I’ve found this also feeds down to the elbows contributing to tennis and golfers elbow. I’ve just written a self-help book about this if you’re interested. I wish you the best and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Rick Olderman

  6. lol..opps.. sorry for laffing but i remembered how sad claire was when she was told to stop badminton.. now YOU too? kesian nya.... if you kenot thomas cupping.. what will u do now? swim? becareful, you might bump into submerryn in the ocean :P

  7. smallkucing - thinking of chinese sinseh or sports therapist...see how.

    manglish - swimming like running....boring

    Rick - Thanks. what's the title of your book?

    Merryn - haha... let's see how long it takes for recovery.

  8. try cycling...good workout...no need involve shoulder so much

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    Happy Wednesday!
    I am following you.

  10. I couldn't agree more with vialentino, cyling is one of the idea sport that won't strain your shoulder muscles so much! You can try football though!

    Have a nice day!

  11. vialentino, Alice - Thanks but I don't have a bicycle...maybe cycle in the gym..hahaha

    Jingle - thanks, im following u too!

  12. Thanks for this helpful information.
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