My kid's first sunday school

I always wanted to bring my kid to attend my church's sunday school since last year but he always reluctant to go, thinking that a clowny Santa Claus always lurking in the church as he is afraid of every human being in costume...be it Santa, clowns, bears etc.... Then yesterday, while I'm almost ready to go to church, my wife suddenly joked with him whether he wanted to follow me. My prayers are answered.

However, since it was quite late and I'm unsure of where the kid's classes, I thought I just let him have a 'feel' of the church atmosphere while I bring him to the sunday school some other time.  After a while in the service and the sermon about to start, he asked me to bring him to the toilet. After he's done with his pee pee, I decided to sat at the last row, thinking I gotta leave early as he's getting bored.

Suddenly, a lady nearby waved to me and suggested me to bring him to the sunday school instead. That kind lady brought us to the class of his age group. I was delighted, didn't expected to bring him to the sunday school so fast..haha... I even skipped the sermon in order to accompany him.

My kid, in blue, above doing his colouring and that's where he started to enjoy the class. He was bored initially during the storytelling as he doesn't know the kids as well as the teachers.
Here's his 'masterpiece'... colouring a picture of Andrew and John casting their net onto the sea upon the Lord's Jesus Christ order. I will start bringing him to subsequent classes till he's used to it, then I will go back to attend the church's sunday service.


  1. after some time he will find then interesting and will pester u to send him there :D

  2. it looks very good,
    everything will work out!
    Happy May!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Merryn - yeah, i hope tat will happen! Have a blessed week!

    Jingle - thanks. Have a blessed week too!

  4. Hi Chris, kids grow up fast....and one day you'll be sending him off to University, maybe Yale or Cambridge or Oxford, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  5. i enjoyed sunday school very much last time it was fun hope he will enjoy it too

  6. i went to sunday school and i find it very good for the children development ... i will send my boy to there next time too

  7. Uncle lee - yeah, before you know it...he's already out there working and dating the SYTs. haha...

    manglish - I really hope too, listen to the good stories and develop his character.

    vialentino - yeah, that's a good idea. I'm sure the kids will got train in the EQ aspect of life, besides spiritual and growing up to be a good person.

  8. wenn- yeap, new experience for him.

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