Music for the soul

I love music! Well, not so much on those pop, rock or heavy metal stuffs (which I listened to during my teen years) but soothing, relaxing music. I never failed to listen to music everyday, be it instrumental, new age or classical. Music is especially good for our mind especially in times of stress or depression. I noticed sometimes when I felt stressful especially after a long day, meditating on the music helps to calm me down and refreshes me.

This is the MP3 player that I used since 2008 and my companion for two years while travelling to work. Together with a good headphone which costs me a bomb, it really gave me some great personal moments!

I didn't really have a good collection of  music CDs though I did buy a lot over the decade. Some of those I listened to includes Kitaro, Kevin Kern, Medlyn Goodall, Jia Peng Fang, Kathryn Toyama (who gave me a CD all the way from US on my last birthday) and etc. Anyway, seems like lots of music shops have closed down here in Singapore and it's getting difficult to shop for CDs and I don't like to buy online.

Anyway, one of the good things in Singapore here is they have a classical music radio channel, called Symphony 92.4 FM, which has been running for a while. You can listen online here.I usually played it while hitting the bed and set my player to sleeping mode.Try listening to soothing and relaxing music everyday and felt the difference in your daily life.

Good music is healing, refreshing, meditating and therapeutic !


  1. ooooh..when i listen to music, i cannot sleep one.. my mind will wander off.. still listening to kitaro?

  2. ya i remember symphony 92.4fm and i used to listen to wat's the name.....anyway, i cant live without music too, and it is litefm these days you may like it :)

  3. cute pics of babies listening to music! i likey :D

  4. reanaclaire - err...u terbalik! listen to soothing music can easily makes u fall asleep.

    manglish - yeah man! u can listen online. yeah, I love liteFM also. They got online broadcast too, i guess.

    Merryn - I knew u will like the babies pic. haha

  5. i usually listen to soft music and i will fall asleep too..Btw, we hv fitline representative in johor too. Anyway, if u like to try, i can order n send to u.

  6. Oh you love Classical Music? I love classical music too! And yes, it really does calm the mind and is actually good for health!

    According to water crystal research done by Dr Masaru Emoto, classical music is good for us but heavy metal is bad for us! See the photos of effects of different type of music to water crystals HERE

  7. Anwyay, I love all types of music - I'm eclectic - except for heavy metal! : )

  8. I listen to Asian music,
    pop, folk songs...
    cute babies!

  9. Me and my husband love Kitaro too, specially the "9 headed dragon" symphony!

    Please have a nice day!

  10. Hi Chris, music soothes the soul. I too have my radio on beside me playing oldies. We have a couple of stations here strictly oldies.
    As well I love Country and Western too.....Hawaiian also.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  11. Bro, looks like we are the retro man,,epscially the 80s, you know i love listening to channel "V" at 7 over Astro for their "back tracks" geng lah.

    Personally, i dont really like Kitaro,, i would prefer Sadao Watanabe, even if is different genre.

    thank you for coming over to my blog,, i do come here but sometimes i find it hard to leave comments about food, and i dont really like saying something when i dont mean it bro.

    take care now and god bless

  12. I love music too. Music can express my feeling and way of life... music can soothe the souls..God bless

  13. wenn - thanks. got any website?

    foongpc - thanks, will go to the site. I like the soothing effect of classical music, though Im not a hardcore fan.

    Jingle - Try Jia Peng Fang where I link his website above. His music is very Asian or rather chinese. Nice!

    Alice - Thanks for commenting. I'm actually a fan of kitaro, almost got all his albums! I also went to his concert 3 yrs ago.

    Uncle Lee- Hawaiian music is sexy and fun! Have a good weekend!

    Eugene - No problem bro... u cannot agreed with everything everyone wrote, right? Anyway, I also running out of food stuffs to write lately. God bless u too!

    Alv0808 - Thanks for coming to my blog. Yeah, I totally agreed with u. God bless u too!

  14. Yiruma... I like to listen to Yiruma. It soothes me. :D

  15. Music,i like to listen music.when you tired or bored then listen music it can happy you.
    Thanks for this helpful information