Q10 Supplement

This is not a paid post and I don't really subscribed to paid posts ( at least for now... :p). Well, just like to share the wonders of this health supplement called Co-enzyme Q10. I have taken it few months ago for almost two months and I noticed my endurance in sports has really improved, where I can last longer in badminton sessions. Initially I thought it was due to consistent training which led me to an improvement in stamina. Thus, without noticing the effects of the supplement, I stopped taking it and I'm back to where I have been before, puffing and feeling so tired throughout the badminton sessions.

Well, I thought this could be due to aging as I'm no longer in my 20s anymore but I also realize I feel lethargic most of the times, especially on weekends. Well, it could be lack of sleep or maybe stress but however, I came to know that the cholesterol lowering drug, statin, actually reduce the level of naturally produced Q10 in our body. Check out this article.

It seems there's a lot of health benefits with this supplement and I decided to continued taking it since I'm on statin too. Let's see if I got the same effect again after taking it this time round. :) Here's an introduction to this supplement. Btw, I got mine from Blackmores, cost me $62 for 60 capsules.

Disclaimer - I'm not medically trained and this post is just an opinion of mine. I disclaims any and all liability for injury or other damages that could result from use of the information obtained from this article.


  1. ehhhhhhhhhhh how come?? wenn, another blogger oso just write abt it in her blog pakat ehhhh hahhhaha

  2. ya lor...just saw in Wenn blog also about Q10

  3. manglish , smallkucing - it's a coincident , i guess. I bought it yesterday and blogged it yesterday night too.

  4. is this new? I have not seen any ads here in NZ or in Singapore when I lived there 4 years ago.

    came via wenn's site

  5. hey.. never heard of this.. u eat first.. then let me know good or not..

  6. Ann - Hi! Nope, Q10 is not new. It's been selling in Spore and Msia for years.

    reanaclaire - it's effective. I took two already and I didn't huff and puff so badly or maybe it's the mind. However, Q10 is actually meant for cardiovascular health.

  7. since u are so into this, do take note that they (blacksmore) are going to have Care for your Heart public forum on the 15/5/2010 in Mid Valley.. alamax.. but it is in KL ler..

  8. I've recently learned about it and yeah, it did help me especially when working out at the gym. I've researched on this and found out that there are two supplements : coq10 and ubiquinol. i've read that ubiquinol supplements are recommended for people over the age of 30.

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