Endurance and patience

There are times which can be tough in life, a change of management in work, stricken by a disease, out of love, out of job and etc. These can be short term or long term but it can never be permanent. Sooner or later, the bad times will get over and good times will be back. As the saying goes, Time will heals. And the time will also come when you get out of these dark times. It's just a matter of 'time'.

Thus, whether you are learning a new skill with a deep learning curve, facing your fears, fighting to get out of your doldrums in finance or health...keep going positively and work on it constructively, though you may not see the silver lining yet. There are no overnight stars but rather one who is polished in difficult times for a while in their darkness and they emerged as 'somebody'.

Endurance and patience will always work..it works for sportsmen and in my opinion, I'm sure it work for us. It's just like running on a treadmill, initially we run with determination and motivation but when we reach the last 1-2 laps, our mind and body give away and we thought about quitting. That's where endurance comes in and by enduring the last few laps, we accomplished our fitness goal. I believe this applies to life too. Just endure the difficulties that you're facing now or the race to accomplish your goals and with patience, soon you will come out victoriously!

Have a great week!


  1. totally agree with you :D endurance and patience will work for anything! never, ever give up :)

  2. Merryn - I always believe in keep trying and trying on the positive path. Success will lights up someday.

  3. wah..bro.. nowadays like very sang sing like tat.. good.. great!

  4. hahaahaha lol at claire's comment, i believe time and timing is everything but that is out of our control and all we can do is like you said persevere and have a little faith that we will emerge as a winner against time at the end of it heehhe

  5. smallkucing - i guess it heals most of the problems but it also depends on one, whether he's willing to let go of his emotional scars.

    reanaclaire- i always 'sang sing' since young wat... wat toking u ..hehehe

    manglish - yeap, thanks for your comments!

  6. i can say that i dun have the enurance i used to have like last time....

  7. vialentino - relax a bit... work hard a bit... balance yr life. :)

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  9. hell yeah, time heals everything :)

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