Moonlight restaurant, JB....

 It was a 'makan' weekend. We had a sumptuous Japanese food for dinner and then western food for lunch on last Sunday. Since my niece was here from Singapore, we decided to bring her for some nice food and after looking around in Johor Jaya, we ended up in Moonlight Restaurant.

Besides offering a mixed of western and local food, this place was also a pastry and cafe. There were lots of breads and buns as well as cakes here . Their coffee was good too as I tried their Americano which was bitter and aromatic enough. They have a few branches and I know there was one in Taman Sutera and another one going to be open soon in Taman Pelangi.

Moonlight restaurant in Johor Jaya

 I had a rib eye in black pepper sauce.

An aglio olio for my wifey

My niece wanted something local , fried rice

My little princess enjoying her kid's set

And not forgetting my cuppa of Americano... !
That sums up my relaxing day!


  1. Food looks great. Not too keen on that name though - like one of those nightclubs or cabarets.

  2. Very tarn again.... eh, this weekend, belanja me makan in Singapore.. K?

  3. STP - Yeah, I agreed with you. The name sounds more like clubs.

  4. Small Kucing - haha... more like a club for drinking.

  5. Food looks great but portion a bit small for me haha :p