Dry Bak Kut Teh....

I never really tried dry BKT but finally got a chance to eat it during my trip to KL over the raya holidays. I had a great BKT meal at Equine Park in Puchong. It was a large corner shop lot and they mainly served BKT.

Getting ready the fragrant chinese tea

The dry BKT
Somehow I find the dry version to be quite similar to the claypot salted fish with pork. It was also a little spicy. Anyway, it was great and very appetizing, though I still prefer the traditional soupy type.

The dished we ordered 

Getting ready the garlic and chilli

Fried shark meat 
The fried shark meat was special and it was crunchy. However, some parts of it seems a little bit hard, which I guess it could be the bones.

A healthy vegetable to go with the meat
I helped myself to the soupy BKT most of the time and even order extra soup. Well, maybe the dry type is not really to my liking. Anyway, BKT seems everywhere in the Klang valley and it's certainly a dish to try while you are there!


  1. Fried shark meat looks good and crispy.

  2. Ahhh... those chopped Garlic! No Bak Kut Teh is complete without Garlic and sweet Dark Soy Sauce :p

  3. I love dry bak kut teh! :)

    It's good coz there's no hot soup to stop you from eating as fast as you can. I like to order one normal (soup) one and one dry one.

  4. Tak aci ni....mana address? I wanna tried the shark meat

  5. It seems to be a trend now where the dry versions are available in many BKT shops. I love them that way for a change. So fragrant!

  6. i still prefer the soupy ones unless teh dry one is spicy:D