Two 'sinful' food....

Wow.... CNY is just one week away!  I will be looking forward to this year's CNY as I will be back in Malaysia again, and especially Ipoh, where I never went back for almost two years! However, I will only be back late, probably on the first or second day of CNY due to kids' tuition. Do drive safely if you are travelling and I always believe it's better be late and safe. Speeding may bring you and your loved ones back earlier but then, you are risking yourselves and their lives. Have a good rest before driving and occasionally stop for short breaks. Plan your trip well!

Back in Singapore, I always loved those franchise food stalls here like Aston grills, Botak Jones, Hot pepper lunch, Komalas and etc...which operates in food malls or food courts. This helps to keep the cost down I believe, besides bringing the franchise food chains nearer to the heartlands. I especially love the sirloin steak from Aston Grill, which has a stall at a food court in Bedok central.

Sirloin steak with mushroom sauce
The sirloin steak was juicy and it comes with two side dishes. This cost around $S12+.

Back in JB, I just had nasi lemak with mutton rendang, at one of the Tea Garden outlets in JB. I always like the rendang there, having tried their chicken rendang some time ago.

Nasi lemak with mutton rendang....
OK, I need to go for a jog now... :P


  1. Hmm, you need to jog at least 1 hour now :p

  2. oh gosh..the sirloin.. dont let AAron see that.. hahaha...

    1. reana - ok, I bring him makan after back from cny.

  3. Never mind, once in a while...ok. Everything in moderation - I'm sure that's all right.

  4. Hi Chris, I love these two dishes....but not too often. They heavy foods.
    Ha ha, you never been back to ipoh 2 years?
    I have not been back 25 years.

    I one time lived in Ipoh, Canning gardens 2 years....wayyyy back early '70s.
    Love Ipoh.
    CNY where we are very quiet....only celebrate with friends.
    Wishing you and family a very happy new year.
    Best regards.

    1. Uncle Lee - I don't think there's much changes in ipoh except some new infrastructures. Maybe you should find time to tour Malaysia & Singapore. check on your old friends here as well as new friends like us. :)

  5. Ipoh? Are you going there to eat dim sum?