Catching up....

Since it was almost two years since I was back in Ipoh, I had a great time catching up with friends and relatives in Ipoh. Reana and her kids visited me and family while her sister and hubby visited us on the next day. It was a good time for catching up.

Reana's kids
Then, I visited an old friend cum classmate nearby and fetched him and family to another old buddy's home around the Silibin area. I love driving around and enjoyed the sight-seeing, though it was quite a jam at certain areas of Ipoh.

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes , above and below.

This church was one of Ipoh's famous landmarks and it was established in 1905. It really has a great history as well as the designs were exquisite too!

Wesley Methodist school (formerly Methodist High School)
 I studied briefly in this school before moving on to my tertiary education.

Peak of Kledang Hill - you will never miss this hill once you are in Ipoh. I hiked to the top before and wish I could do it again.

Reached my friend's place at Taman Rishah, which was located at the foot of the Kledang hill range. Thus, I was able to capture a close shot of the peak. Once there, it's catching up time again. The ladies' topic was on the family while us guys have a good time updating each other on our ex-crushes and etc...hehehe...

The ladies and kids mingling around..

Used to be slim, fit and lots of hair... sigh....


  1. 'Used to be slim, fit and lots of hair.'.. LOL! :p

    Looks like you have a wonderful time at Ipoh, good for you~

  2. Used to be handsome, fit and trim.. hahaha... those were the days already lo...

    1. reana- somehow I was too skinny back then. Now better... hehehe

  3. Replies
    1. STP - yup yup....one of the oldest Church in ipoh and still looking good!

  4. Oh what a nice CNY! I like to travel and take pictures! That's a nice church! LOL @ used to be slim, fit and lots of hair : D

  5. Ipoh rocks la :) I was in Ipoh too for CNY!

  6. There are so many hills at Ipoh I don't know which is which! LOL!

  7. LoL at the last pic and caption! Hahahahahhahahahaha... :P