Crowded Ipoh....

Finally, I am back in Ipoh after two years. After reading blogs like Images of Ipoh and All about Ipoh on facebook to keep myself updates on my hometown, I thought it's a good idea to drive around and snap pictures. However, I forgot it was CNY where all the Ipoh 'lang' were home and the end  results was heavy traffic! Thus, I was not really able to stop my car at certain places to snap pictures leisurely. Anyway, because there are jams everywhere, I still manage to snap from my car.

It was a hot day in Ipoh...

'Lou Wong' and its rival, 'Ong Kee' beansprout chicken were so crowded!

Didn't know 'Lou Wong' also opened a shop selling biscuits and local made products

There were really lots of  shops selling local made products around the 'new town' and this attracted many visitors as well as Ipoh-born folks who settled down at another place like me.
That's 'little india' of Ipoh at the 'old town'

Back to the jam at one of the main street ... 

 However, I still managed to enjoy Foh San's dim sum, which was one of the well-known dim sums restaurants around town. Usually, this place was very crowded in the morning but since I am late, there were quite lots of tables. However, being late also has its disadvantage as there were not many dim sums left, though I still managed to get the 'main' ones.

A quieter Foh San

At least still got hau gau and siew mai

and of course, BBQ pork bun
Fried prawn rolls

'Malay' kuih

My little princess enjoying her tea

and 'tah pau' some buns

Here's the main entrance...they are still among the best!
I guess it's better I come back during low peak season where there are lesser traffic and crowd. Then, I can really enjoy myself to the food and the place which I was born.


  1. Yeah..today too crowded la.. we got stuck at Loe Wong for some minutes.. really fedup.. in the end makan in Greentown cos we were very hungry by then.. too bad we couldn't eat together.. we beh tahan liow.. hahaha..
    Yeah, u must come back during off peak season.. food will be much tastier then..

  2. I read in papers that Ipoh has quite terrible traffic during this CNY. Actually same here also, lots of cars!

    1. hayley - Yeah, all balik kampung. This weekend the highway will be contested as all balik.

  3. Oh crowded in Ipoh? I hate crowds!! And traffic jams!! the food looks good though : )

  4. Foongpc - it's common in Ipoh during festive seasons.

  5. Yes..my brother went back to Ipoh and said the jam was terrible. I think I preferot bad the dim sum and service is better than Foh San

    Gong Hei Fatt Choy

  6. Yee ling - Are you from Ipoh too?

  7. 2 years?! It has been 2 years since you last went back to your hometown? Tsk tsk...

    1. Merryn- Yeah, cos I celebrate cny in SG last year and parents always come over to SG abs Jb.;)

  8. Everyone balik kampung, what to expect? Same here...and they cursed and swore, said so hard to drive in Sibu - who asked them all to come back? Pergi mampus semua...come back, know hoe to complain and criticise only.

  9. STP - wah....luckily I didn't curse and complain but I join in the crowd for fun...hahaha