CNY reunion dinner.....

My CNY was a bit different than previous years and it's another first. Due to my kid who needed to attend school last Friday, my wife and I decided to spent the reunion dinner at my in-law's place. This is my first time spending CNY away from my parents as well as at my in-law's place.

I started my journey only on New Year's eve around 1pm. It was not a good start as I was stuck in the jam for almost 3 hours from Skudai till Ayer Hitam, where usually it took me 1 hour. And after the jam, heavy rain started pouring for a while till after Yong Peng. Then, it was a smooth drive all the way as the highway started to lesser and lesser vehicles. Probably it was late and majority of the folks were back home. We reached Seremban around 6pm+.

It was quite rush as I didn't really take a bath for the reunion dinner and once we reached, and rested for a short while, we are on our way to the restaurant. The food was so-so only and quite humble. Anyway, it was a great night.

Yee Sang...of course the first dish in the menu and a must to have....

after mixing all the ingredients...

and toss.... huat ah...

The appetiser

'Shark fins'  ....

Mushrooms and vegetables

The first three dishes....all came out together. Probably, the restaurant wanted to rush a bit...hehehe
Steam fish

Fried prawns

Glutinous rice with gingko nuts

Longan dessert

I was quite tired after the dinner but then, I stayed up quite late, as my in-laws usually does that during every CNY. I will be back Ipoh soon for a short while before going home to JB to wrap up my CNY celebrations.

Family portrait on CNY's eve...
Happy Chinese New Year, folks!


  1. Aiyor!!! Save the sharks!!!! But anyway. Qong Xi Fa Cai, Xon Nien Kuai Le.

  2. The glutinous rice looks yummy~

    Gong xi fa cai to you and family~

  3. Gong hei fatt choy!

    horrid jams on the highways during the festive period. am glad in a way that we're based in KL this year. I pretty much have the road much to myself when we drive or when I run!

  4. No wonder didnt see you on the first day! Hope to see you tomorrow..