local , traditional food for tea...

I thought last Saturday was Father's day cos my kid gave these to me after his Saturday school. His kindergarten usually has crafting lessons on Saturdays. And, I only knew that Sunday is Father's day after seeing wishes from my nice facebook friends.
thanks to his kindergarten;'s activity ... i like it! :)
Well, after fetching him from school and bathed him, it';s a long day out for the family. We stop-by a kopitiam to have some refreshment after taken a light lunch. And, it's really been a while since I had these local , light food as it's difficult to find it in Singapore and the places I ate in JB doesn;'t have these.... at least not nearby where I stayed.
glutinuous rice - used to be my breakfast when I was a kid
curry chee cheong fun ... used to have this during my Ipoh days... miss it!
and defnitely, this is a MUST!

My wifey trying to be 'rebelious' as she go for angmoh food instead - club sandwich .....
yummy  club sandwich ... we always have these whenever we are out for tea!

We continued our shopping later and was amazed at the activities in Sutera Mall - a free exhibition on Zheng He as well as Mini cars exhibit.

Have a great week, folks!


  1. Happy father's day, Chris. =D Have a nice week ahead little brother! LOL!

  2. Haha rebelious? No la, club sandwich looks healthier ma! :P

  3. curry chee cheong fun is YUM!!! I miss that too!

    Thank goodness u stopped having glutinous rice for breakie.. not healthy ler..

  4. hayley - LOL...what i meant is...she's not taking the traditional food. :)

  5. Merryn - no good for stomach also!

  6. haha..I took western food too..

  7. How was your Father's Day? Don't tell me this was it...??? Muahahahaha!!!! I'd have ur missus' club sandwich anytime...compared to what you had.