Farewell... Tg.Pagar KTM Railway Station

1 July 2011 will be a day in history as the Tg. Pagar Railway Station in Singapore finally came to a close. Few years back,I always commuted from Singapore to JB via KTM trains as I found it to be one of the convenient ways to travel back to JB.This is especially that I don't have to face the traffic jam at the causeway and it took 30 mins only to reach Woodlands checkpoint. And, since  it took another 15 mins to clear the CIQ at Woodlands, you will likely reached JB in around 45 mins from Tg.Pagar. It's considered quite fast though you may not be able to get a seat on Fridays where the train is fully packed! Other than that, there are always seats during weekdays and it's a really a pleasant ride. Well, when you passed by the causeway, you will be delighted that you are moving while the vehicles stand still in the causeway jam. The furthest I went from Tg. Pagar is a night train to Tampin, almost a decade ago.

Then, there are lots of JB folks who commuted to work daily via the train till some of them know each other and they even chopped seats for one another. I felt sad for these folks who now have to take either MRTs or buses from the Woodlands checkpoint. Tg Pagar is so near the Central Business District (CBD) area and it really a convenience for those who worked around the area.

I've taken some pixs on 27 June 2011 at this railway station. Do enjoy this pictorial post and shared your experiences here if you have commuted from this railway station.

The inside of the railway station

busy ...busy ...schedule

up and below...nice mural painting! Hope they preserved it.

the place to enjoy good Malaysian food...

lots of folks there visiting the station...while the authorities busy renovating it for preservation

Looking out at the railway

this maintenance vehicle must have been there for ages

another historical stuff ..an hydraulic pump made in England in 1930

nice blue sky looking up from the railway station

the place where the passengers clears the Malaysian custom

It was unusually lots of folks during the last few days before the closure... lots of folks taking pixs here!

a long journey to Malaysia..starting from here

very old signboard

Guess this canteen was here for some time!

another mural painting

that's where they taxed u...:P

wonder what the F,M,S,R stands for?

the entrance to the beautiful station

another pix taken afar

the statues which greeted you at the entrance...again ...hope they preserve it

There are really lots of folks here having teh tarik and local Malay cuisines while enjoying the nice and peaceful scenery there during the last few days of the station. There are also lots of  photographers who tried to snap as much nice shots as they can before the closing down.

Bye Tg. Pagar Railway Station....thanks for all the good memories and convenience!


  1. I passed through there once in 1973...and again in 1978.

  2. FMSR probably means Federated Malay States Railway. That is the official name for the railway operator back in the colonial time.

    It's a beautiful station. Been there once only some 10 years ago. Really hope to be there one last time

  3. Indeed this railway station is very beautiful.

  4. I heard Sin and Malaysia will co develop this piece of land, now i guess to whose 's standard and ideas? kekekekekke

  5. The railway station gives me a very 'classic' feeling, it's been ages since I last ride a train, LOL.

  6. it's so sad to see such a beautiful place being closed down.. last time when i was in primary school, my grandma would bring me to visit my aunties in KL, from penang to KL. By train of course :) day and night train, both also we tried liao.. i still remember that it took 8 hrs of train ride before we cud reach destination.

  7. I have a friend who travel daily from johor to work in Spore. After 2-3 yrs beh tahan already. Too exhausting

  8. Nostalgic. When was the last time I rode on a train? Can't even remember...

  9. STP - wow, that's a long long time! Nostalgic right?

  10. Borneo - oh..thanks. Now, I recalled what FMSR stands for. Yes, I like this station than many others in Malaysia. At least you have come here once before...not bad.

  11. Yee Ling - It has a unique design. Anyway, all the bigger railway stations have nice design, all go back to the colonial times.

  12. Eugene - yeah...u got it right.

  13. Hayley - Nowadays with the NS highway and beautiful cars as well as AirAsia, not many folks like to take trains.

  14. YYTDH - Yeah, travelling by train is slower. I remember I took the train from Tg Pagar at 10pm and reached Tampin at almost 4am. It only took 2 hours more to drove to tampin. However, you get to see the other side of the country.

  15. Smallkucing - yeah, most of my friends 'quit' doing that except for one. I tried that before weekly, and it's really tiring. The whole day seems gone.

  16. Sharon - Glad the govt plans to preserve the building.

  17. Merryn - errr..thought you drive Exora only?

  18. Chris, Thanks for visiting my blog and leave your comment . I have not taken a train for ages and have not been to this railway station. This is a beautiful station, in fact most of the building during the colonial days are beautiful.

  19. i also hear that some people couldnt get the tickets on the last few days beofre the closure.. i think most of them wanted to get an train ride experience before it closed down for good.