An afternoon stroll at Sunway Pyramid.... and there's a submerryn...

Since my in laws and wifey prefers to go out later of the day, I decided to bring my kid out to nearby Sunway Pyramid on an early Saturday afternoon. I only been there once and thought it's a great opportunity to look around. It's around 20 mins drive from where I stayed.

We arrived at the entrance near Starbucks and decided to eat something since we are feeling hungry. We were walking and checking out the food there but can't find anything we like. Thus, we decided on Old town coffee. And, while I was there looking for a place in that crowded eatery, I bumped into Merryn and her cute kid, Ethan. She was covering some event at Sunway Lagoon and it's really a coincidence! She's the first blogger I ever met so far !! I also met her hubby, William, later while on the way to Sunway Lagoon as he's struggling to find a parking.... it's really jam-packed over there!!
My kid, myself with Merryn and ...err..where's Ethan ?

ok, there you are cute boy...
My kid had a good time with Ethan as they shared their ...errr... 'knowledge' on iPhone games. It was cute seeing these two little boys pressing each other Iphones. And, Ethan is really a cute and nice boy!

Me and my kid again....
Merryn left quite soon as she needed to rush for her event while me and my kid began our shopping adventure in Sunway Pyramid. Well, the mall is really massive and we really don't know which directions to go. Anyway, my kid ended up with two toys and two storybooks... while I didn't buy anything! :(
Taken at Sunway Lagoon
Earlier, we strolled around Sunway Lagoon (without the ticket) to get a glimpse of the park. I never been to the place and thought it's a good idea someday to bring my kids in. Took some pixs of the park below -
Lots of folks in Sunway Lagoon
wow..felt like playing too...
It was really an hot afternoon and before I knew it, we have already spent almost 4 hours there!! Anyway, great to meet Merryn, William and Ethan !!


  1. Wow, what a coincidence ya!
    It's been a while since I go Sunway Lagoon too...

  2. Hayley - it's a great place to shop... go this weekend la! The curve, sunway, pavillion..etc.

  3. Sharon - let's find time to meet for coffee...

  4. U dunno how I almost scold u for taking the seat in front of me! Until I realised that it was YOU lah! :P

    Nice meeting u Chris, though a brief one, but still.. nice! :D

  5. sunway pyramid is like my 2nd home dy! lol!!

  6. Sonia - it's fun to meet a blogger in person :) Hope can meet u someday too.

    sharon - :)

    Carol - hope to meet you next time but not bumped into you and eric..hahaha

    Merryn :should have scolded...wonder how u look like when garang. :P