Trip to Sg. Lembing

Century old 'hanging bridge', still strong enough for bikes!
 I was at Sg. Lembing, which was a village near Kuantan, last weekend and was looking forward to the hike up Panorama Hill. Though it was not a high hill (according to Pahang Tourism Board website, it's around 400m), finally I got to hike. The place was also made well-known by the Mediacorp-NTV7 serial, 'Kampong Ties'.

We stayed overnight at one of the resorts in the village and woke up at 5am and started the hike at 5.30am in order to catch the 'sea of clouds'. Though the hill was not high and you can see lots of folks hiking up in the early morning by climbing the flight of stairs, the initial climb was quite steep. Anyway, most of the folks managed to reach the peak. It will usually took around 45 mins to reach it for typical folks.

Sea of Clouds at the peak

Beautiful work of nature

Another view.... love the scenery

Group Pix

The flight of stairs
Sg.Lembing town was a nice getaway from the stress of city life. The life here is slow and unhurried. I was enjoying the sounds of nature while resting outside the resort for almost an hour. It was really calming.

The place where we found some delicacies  ... sugary biscuits

The main street of Sg. Lembing. The left was the market.

The tradematk tree

Quiet but peaceful place

The ex- tin mining town was kinda deserted since the closure in 1986 but the village seems flourishing into a tourism resort.

That's the hill we hiked , on the left. I was enjoying this scenery at the resort.
There are other attractions like the rainbow waterfall and nearby Gua Charas. However, we didn't check these places out and headed to Teluk Chempedak.


  1. wow..that's nice..I love nature trip!

  2. That's in Pahang, right? Oooo...I love those old wooden shops. Nice little town - and so very clean! Thumbs up...

  3. pengsan see the flight of stairs!

  4. Haha same like Merryn, I felt so demotivated looking at the stairs XD

  5. I love your photos! The heavenly clouds are really beautiful and calm. 2 thumbs up!

  6. Lovely set of photos. A good place to visit for those who like peace and quiet. Relaxing.

  7. Nice town indeed. I heard about this place when I went to Kuantan. Heard it used to be a mining town

  8. Wenn: come to this place next time.

  9. sTP:yeap, it's in Pahang and the place was really clean!

  10. Sharon : lots of Singaporeans too!

  11. Merryn, Charmaine : hehe.... Try climbing first.

  12. Kuching : yeap, it's really relaxing there. Now I wish I can go again and stay there to rewind again!

  13. Borneo: yeap, it.s a mining town but closed down in 1986. You may be interested to know they have a museum on mining activities in the town.

  14. I like the first few photos, very calm and peace to look at...

  15. Hatley - it's calm and peace all over there!

  16. Hi Chris, Holy Smoke! You really brought back memories to me.
    I used to stop here for coffee or lunch back in the '70s, '80s...
    I have been to all 9 corners of E and W Malaysia....
    I sure love these pics, and looks like nothing much has changed.

    That big tree centre of road I'm glad still there.
    Great pics...you looking good Chris.
    Thanks for the memories....
    Really nice see jungle again.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  17. hi Uncle Lee, I'm glad the pictures brings back the nice memories of the good times you had here. Well, maybe you should seriously consider a trip back to Malaysia & Singapore and check out the changes for the last decade , as well as meet up with your friends here.

  18. I love the mee tomato over there and the taufu.. Damm nice.