And I turned 40 today!

OK, this is it...I turned 40 today!! I was joking with my colleagues just now that I thought I was old when I turned 30 a decade ago and with a 'sekelip mata', I reach the big 4! OK, that's how time flies....hahaha...
hell yeah, im a 1970s baby!

Didn't really celebrate my birthday today as it's in the middle of the week and it's troublesome to take a day off and travel back to JB just for today, so, it's work as usual. I'll probably shared my birthday celebrations with my kid, who turns five on the 8 Sept. during this weekend.  I woke up peacefully and had a pampering breakfast at Starbucks. :) It was a good sunny morning while travelling to work and I'm enjoying the well wishes from my friends in facebook via my iPhone. Well, one thing  in facebook , you can have loads of your friends spamming your wall with all the birthday wishes for 24 hours.
It's like celebrating a party in facebook!!

And, I got a real surprise when Cleffairy blogged about my birthday together with her other good 'mei mei' later of the day. I only found out about it via my blog when smallkucing mentioned it in my comments on my last posting. It was really a surprise and yet sweet to see someone blogging about you and wishing you! Thanks Cleffairy and not forgetting smallkucing and  ReanaClaire who commented and wishes me.

Well, it was a peaceful  and a typical working day for me while I end the day with some hard games of badminton in a sauna environment (the weather was real hot today!) and now, my legs are aching! A sign of 40? hmmm.... I don't care but I will keep on going!! I believe there's lot of stuffs for us to achieve in life and we will get even wiser as we aged, agree? Let's keep going....age is just a matter of mind!

Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. —2 Corinthians 4:16


  1. happy birthday Chris, u dont look a day older than 30 hehe

  2. now i realize i m only a decade older than u ma... hahaha...
    so .. what did u do??


  4. A day late to wish you bro and sincerely i wish you all happiness and more happiness you have now and more on the way.

    I bet nothing beats being happy, of course some cash will do it better but then again really nothing beats happiness,,,,,right?

    and i thank you for being my friend here in bloggershpere,

    happy birtday, you are 40 now, dont worry about mid life crisis, keep blogging

    take care now and god bless,

    and forgetting wish you well to the rest of your family too, ya

  5. manglish - thanks man. yeah, I think so too. Lots of folks thought im still 35 or 36...no joke..hahaa

  6. reanaClaire- 1 decade is long leh... haha... thanks

  7. Eugene - thanks bro. Meet u someday!

  8. Happy Birthday. I hope I don't reach your age too soon.

  9. Happy Birthday to u! have a blessed one of course! :D