On badminton....

It's just Tuesday but I find that the week seems so long or maybe  I'm longing to see my kids and wife in JB over the weekend. Anyway, been feeling good lately, thanks to working out and sufficient sleep. I jogged for almost 40 mins on a Monday evening in the gym while tonight, sweat it out at two badminton courts with only seven people. It was so tiring and I think I'm going to hit the bed soon. I will be having another badminton session tomorrow evening. :)

Mentioning about badminton, well, I guess it's one of the most popular games played around this region and I have started playing it since I was a kid in the 70s. Then, I was holding those wooden racket and hitting those aeroplane brand shuttlecocks at the 'lorongs', in between the pre-war shophouses with the kids next door. It was fun then, just anyhow whack the shuttlecock till it landed on the drains, pick it up, dried it by hitting it hard to the walls and played again!! Yonex was called Yoneyama then, if I'm not wrong!
A wooden racket

 When I was in secondary school during the 80s, sometimes I woke up at 5am to rush to school on Saturdays to book the open air courts, since it is on a first-come, first serve basis. And, we will stayed until 11am or 12pm. At times, we started playing at 2pm under the scorching sun and finish at 6pm. Those were the teen years then, never ending energy at our disposal!! :)
When the wind comes, we have to stop and continued playing after that

 Though I don't consider myself a good player, I continued playing during my tertiary education and really met some good players, and some played for their state teams. It was a great learning experience playing with them. The game didn't stop when I started working in mid-90s and till now, where I played the most games in my life, twice a week! I've also been buying expensive rackets and got myself a coach too. In fact, some of my company colleagues thought I'm a professional player. :)
Got the Yonex Armortec 700 series  for S$230
And, my favourite Apacs Nanospeed at S$80 only.
Anyway, it's not easy going for coaching when you are over the prime as it is not easy to change your habits. On the other hand, I was surprise to see my 50+ year old coach whacking everyone of us!! He was so full of energy and I just lost 21-5 to him tonight. I can't even anticipate his shots and he got me running around the four corners. :p

Just some sharing here, workout and sleep well and you have a great tomorrow! Have a great mid-week!


  1. i love playing badminton! weekend play with family is fun! :D hehe maybe we can play next time!

  2. Caroline - errr..you want me to come all the way to Sabah to play with you? LOL Guess this is Eric's job. :)

  3. LOL....same like claire. Guess when you guys were kids, you used to play badminton together lor

  4. Smallkucing - aunt Claire that time don't played with me as I'm too small a kid. Haha..

  5. waaaaaaaa so healthy keh...i got to start working out soon too...u know lar very lazy sometimes :)

  6. hahaha...21-5 playing with coach not bad liow.. not 21-0 ma..
    me also not that good..at least u can still play.. me semi retired.. sometimes play just to get a hang of it..

  7. wei..apa u too small to play.. me only few years older than u ma.. *wink*

  8. wei bro...

    SANG YAT FAI LOK... lin lin yau kam yat, sui sui yau kam chiu..

    so where is the cake???

  9. Happy Birthday!....Just saw it in Cleffairy's blog

  10. hi bro...

    firstly...i am very sorry for my late reply and my late dissapearance as i am away for my holiday and tied up with my work.

    u play badminton too...my friend is supplying yonex as 50 and yonex as 40 shuttlecocks at cheap price since cost of the shuttles is the killing part...if interested...do let me know at vialentino@gmail.com

  11. manglish - haha..time to get up and work it out!

    reana - thanks..err.. indeed u didn't play with me wor...

    smallkucing - thanks!

    vialentino - oh..okie. anyway, a bit difficult to buy from kl. I usually got it here.

    BF - 15 points very tough!