Weekend updates (17 Sept-19 Sept)

I watched all three Resident Evil franchise over the weekend, where I got it on Friday night. I was tempted to watch the prequels to the currently showing fourth installment of the series since most of my colleagues checked out the latest movie. Well, I caught up with the story by watching all three DVDs at one go, where the first movie started in 2002 and the third in 2007.

Accompanied my wife to check out some clothes for this coming weekend's wedding dinner in KL,  at a boutique last Saturday. Well, we seldom went to a boutique to check out the clothes but since she was unable to get some suitable ones at the malls, we decided to check out the boutiques. The clothes are slightly more costly than those sold at a mall but I guess it's worthwhile cos she managed to find something she likes. And, I enjoyed checking out the gorgeous salesgirls while relaxing at the sofa. :)

Make my kids happy when I returned back on last Friday night where I got each one of them a toy. Like to see their spontaneous happy and exciting look which radiate all over their faces and gestures.

Had a great time in church this Sunday morning, after been MIA for a month plus. I felt good after attending service and I think I better attend regularly. Took a group photo with my cell group too.
JB Wesley Methodist Church

Other than that, it's surfing and blogging at home, had good food and shop around. Have a great week , folks!


  1. Naughty, naughty ogling the sales girl ha,,,,,

    hey bro,i have not once wathce resident evil, don't know why this kind of show cannot get to me,,,,i rather go shopping and watch.mmmmmmmmm you know what i mean.

    just a joke, god bless

  2. new template :D

    Have not watch much movie of late.

  3. sounds like a very relaxing weekend..:)

  4. Caroline -yeah, family bonding is cool!!

  5. Eugene -bro, seems like most of the pretty salesgirls hang around in boutiques. Hahaha. Well, resident evil is entertaining and I love sci- fi stuffs.

  6. Smallkucing - yeah, time for a change!

  7. Manglish - yes bro, weekend have to be spend like that else I will burned out !