Comfort Zone

Sometimes I felt that everyday is the same, week in, week out. We worked during the weekdays and do whatever we want during the weekends, and the cycle continues the next week. We rejoiced on a friday evening but felt the blues on a sunday evening, especially that we didn't spend the weekend 'well'. It seems we are stuck in this cycle till we faced another chapter of our life - retirement.

Well, I was wondering that is it my life getting too routine where I do the same thing over and over again week-in, week-out and should search for something new ? Or is it this is a case of not being content with what I have and I want something more? Thus, these blues prompted me to search the Net for some Biblical verses on contentment.However, after strolling some verses from a website, this one makes me feel better :

II Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 

My own intepretation to my concerns are, go all out and do what you wanted so that you will feel alive. Face your fears and move on, else I will forever remains in my comfort zone. Yes, I find that I'm very much in my comfort zone and in turn, it created all these feelings of boredom and etc. So, next, maybe I thought I work out my wish list and see how it goes.

Do you agreed sometimes the doldrums in life are caused by your comfort zone? And, do you always feel great and 'alive' after you completed something stressful, like giving a talk or completed a massive sales? Guess obstacles are not a bad thing afterall..... and there's always something good in something bad.


  1. ya, we need to look beyond all obstacles.

  2. waking up to a new day, routine or not, must say short prayer thanking God we are alive and well, have a job to go to and a home over our heads! amen..

  3. I have changed after hitting the lowest point in life many years ago. That day I had to sit outside the temple's bench for many hours after getting too weak to walk and think. These days I exercise and window shop a lot to keep me happy!

  4. Hi Chris, ha ha, I can imagine how it feels being in an office whole day.
    Thats why I got into the sales, marketing, business line...out of office, or not going to office, but fooling around with leeches, snakes, wild pigs, not to mention crocodiles....and women.

    I meet new people, make new friends everyday, and hardly home...people sleeping, I'll still be working or at Changi or Kota Baru taking last flight home, arrive past 1am! And next morning 7am, at airport again or driving to Penang or somewhere....

    Why don't you take up fishing or golf, or whatever....so can stop your yawning, ha ha.
    You stay easy, keep well, Lee.

  5. Live life to the fullest.
    Make your dream come true.
    Live the life you always want.
    I live my life to the fullest
    because I was given 2nd chance to live. Appreciate life and the people around us. Cheers and do keep in touch!

  6. Wenn - Sometimes, obstacles and challenges can only makes us grow and stay 'alive'! So, there are not that bad afterall.

  7. reanaclaire- yeah, thank God for today! Still, we have to be content with what we have!

  8. Twilight - G;ad that you have pull through!

  9. Uncle Lee - haha... I don't think I can handle the fishes on the hook while I can consider golf, but so far, don't have any 'kaki' to play with. I really like your 'adventures' in your career but going around the globe and experiencing life to the fullest. However, I guess at my age, it's a bit too late to start.

  10. Iriene - Thanks for much for motivational comments and thanks for coming! Will visit your blog.