Exercise is the answer

I'm back to work today after my medical leaves but can't help feeling lethargic, tensed, slightly grumpy and all the no good feelings. I guess it's a combination of the drugs I have been taking for the past five days, too much sleep, a bombardment of work waiting for me, transiting from a rest mode to a super active mode and etc etc...

Thus, after work, I decided to either go home and rest or joined in my weekly badminton session but with a tired body. After some indecisiveness, I decided to go for badminton and thought of sweating it out even though I'm super tired and know I will huff and puff tonight. And, well, the workout did wonders. I felt so much better now!!This is one of reasons I loved physical activities though I don't possess six packs (yet) or a V-shape waistline (yet)!

Did some research on the benefits of exercise from Mayo clinic and here you are -

1. Exercise improve your mood!

2. Exercise combast chronic diseases like heart disease

3. Exercise helps you manage your weight

4. Exercise boost your energy level

5. Exercise promotes better sleep

6. Exercise can put the spark back into your sex life

7. Exercise can be a fun activity!

Check out this link  from mayo clinic for a short explanation of the above.

If you always felt tensed, bad mood, felt terrible and etc, try a daily workout, before you thought of that piece of chocolate cake. :)


  1. oh yes.... exercise gives u that adrenalin rush :D

  2. Uh... uncle, are you hinting me for some steamy articles? *shakes head*

    I agree with you... wholeheartedly, though I don't do any form of exercise except for swimming and Stitch hula dance. They gave me not only adrenaline rush, but also give me some endorphine shots. LOL

    ps: Don't we just love to punch the boss for an exercise... and... V-shaped waistline? LMAO... good luck ah... not easy wan leh. LMAOOOOOO

  3. Yes, exercise is important and very beneficial.

  4. i love to exercise but due to time constrain, can't hit the gym.

  5. On top of all that, exercise improves your sex life too, seriously,,,, hahahahahaha.

    and exercise will make you look cool too.

    for me i can't do without running, just die for it

  6. yes exercise always gud for health! :D

  7. Merryn - not adrenalin but the good hormones. Adrenalin will stress you..haha

  8. cleffairy - I will work for it! haha

  9. eugene - hell yeah bro! Guess we are the exercise junkies...haha

  10. Caroline - I believe you are quite active too , judging from your sexy body..hehehe

  11. Ahakks..true exercise will make you feel good. I do exercise before and feel good about it...I should find a time to do it often

  12. I so agree with the exercise. Exercise helps me in easing away my worries too.