Of different nature of jobs

Thanks to the plate of nasi briyani I had last Thursday for dinner. It's spicy, lots of gravy and oily and now, my poor stomach gave away and I'm on MC on a Monday today. It's a cool morning and day where I'm sure everyone would envy me and might want to ask me where I had that plate of nasi briyani...LOL. Well, MC aside, I will have to work on today's tasks when I'm back to office tomorrow. So, MC is not that really a good thing, furthermore you also needed to pay for your medical expenses.

And, these thoughts also led me to think about the different nature of jobs. For me, being in a 9-5 kinda routine work, you are given a basic salary with likely a 1 month year-end bonus and some percentage of performance bonus, as well as increment. You are also given some amount of days for sabbatical and sick leaves. And, the better your performance is, promotion beckons and you got a minimal percentage of pay raise, but with more expectations of you.

If you are in the sales or you owned a business kinda nature of job, you probably started off with minimal or no salary and most of your wages are earned through commissions in closing a sales. This means, the harder (and smarter) you work, the more you gained and you can take whatever leaves you wanted, on your own accord. You are your own boss but with lesser security, depending on how you performed and networked. And, you may required to work even if you are sick. :p

It really depends on an individual and what he wants. Unless you are a big shot in a corporation who owns some shares, it's not easy to earn lots of  money quick while you are on a 9-5 while you got your paycheck  monthly. Then,  you can earned triple more than your peers if you manages to close some sales deals or a major deal but you may end up with nothing for months. Another way is, work full time then do some part time on sales and marketing, but that may be tiring and deprived you of rest.

Thus, my point of this posting is, I may afford to take a MC due to my entitlements by my company in a 9-5 job but if I'm in another line, being my own boss, I might have to work to rush some deals though I might earn more. Just some food for thought, on what type of jobs are more suitable for you.

Have a good working week, eat well, sleep well, exercise well and stay positive, healthy, cheerful and motivated always!


  1. Get well soon

    aisay...nasi briyani at night? hmm...could be the curry basi already thats why your stomach not well

  2. smallkucing - haha..maybe. I had some nice lunches over the 2 weeks before this one.

  3. well, if u are sick, u need to rest.

  4. wenn - yeah, u r right. However, I'm quite restless guy..haha... cannot sit still :P

  5. i enjoyed to read your job post - and there's indeed a lot of food for thought. I work in Switzerland and usually have 41 hours a week with flexible working hours - means - i can make plus 80 hours or minus 80 hours - depending on the work to be done. And i have 25 days of holidays a year which is really nice.