Don't take yourself too seriously!

Well, I was down with a flu and was on a two-day medical leaves. Not a bad thing, as I was able to rest and sleep, blogged, read and also able to cover some of my work for the day as I have email access.Perhaps the flu is an indication of stress and the body told me it's time to go slow and rest.
Flu always get the most MCs...2 days at least....!!

Some sharing here, a few months back, I was asked to update my company on a recreation event. I did the announcement and also mentioned there will be a surprise in the event and I stubbornly doesn't want to reveal the 'surprise' even when asked.On the actual day of the event, the 'surprise' didn't materialise due to some unforeseen circumstances. And, nobody even asked me about it during or after the event.
Pretty Korean lass - Son Dam Bi

I guess sometimes we are too overly serious with ourselves especially on our performance, dressing and etc but the fact is, unless you're some celebrity or some pretty thing, nobody will really give you 100% attention. People will easily forgot your stumbles or your achievements as times goes by. There was once I was laughed at on the stage of hundreds folks due to some blunders. My friends did talk and joke about it after the event but it didn't even last three days! They have forgotten or find it not  worth mentioning again. After all, human beings are naturally more attentive to their own selves or their loved ones rather than you, so, nobody really cares about what you have done. You could have taken a 1 week MC but nobody really bothers. They are more concerned with their projects and work.
Go with the flow....

Let's moved on , nobody really bothers!


  1. look forward and not back...yeah...do things easily...

  2. Do what is matter to you..hehehe

  3. vialentino - Yes, Just take things easy!

  4. Alv0808 - Moat importantly, let nothing stress us!

  5. the ability to laugh at oneself is something to be proud of