Too much to do.....too little is done....

Let me take a long hard breath before writing this post. Ok, I'm done!! Well, there's nothing really wrong with me but I thought there are really too many tasks for me to do, both in work and personal. Ok,it's common to be busy in work which shows that you are needed in your organisation thus I'm not going to blog about it. Afterall, I don't blog about my work. It's a sunday night and after a relaxing and rainy weekend, and with 10 minutes to go before Monday morning, I thought I still have a long list of personal goals to achieve, and not much time to work on it, week-in, week-out.
I have yet finished my revision for a certification exam after so many months, haven't finished reading two books for two important subjects, halfway through on working out my financial plans and deciding on some major decisions. The best of all is, I'm too tired to work on it during work days and don't feel like thinking about it during weekend. :P

Thus, I think I will still be in the same position come end of the year and thought prioritizing my tasks is the answer. It's always good to have lots of goals but it's also no good if you can't work on it. So, it's time to be contented and work on those which matters more to me until it's has been completed.

If you are like me, and especially those who have work out a new year resolution in Jan but with less achievements, maybe it's time to prioritize!


  1. Busy shedule - but I like the way, you set your priorities (if you set it like the couple on the pic...)
    and I LOVE that cat with the beer!!
    But serious: hard work NEEDS forceful recreation!!

  2. stressful eh especially the coming up exam but all you have to do is grit ur teeth and go on, it will soon pass, i am sure you can work everything out :)

  3. Claudia - thanks for visiting. I hope too, can stop working and throw away all the stresses and have a good time with my wife and family.

    manglish - lately, my energy level seems depleted...needed to recharge back. Might take a monday off next wk..hehehe

    smallkucing- revised half-way only.. more to go

    wenn - yeah, do the important tasks first