My comments on World Cup at this stage...

It's the World Cup break tonight before the quarter-finals commence on friday and saturday nights. Four South American teams, one African team and three European teams vying for the World's most precious trophy in sports. It's almost 3/4 towards the end of the World Cup where 24 teams had already said bye-bye and went home after the excitement two weeks ago!

And not forgetting lots of drama unfolded during the past two weeks like the early exit of World Cup 2006 champions Italy & finalist, France in the first round, the goalkeeper's blunder in England's first match as well as England's shameful exit, the cries of the team which was eliminated due to poor judgement of the referee (offsite goal from Argentina which down Mexico, England's second goal disallowed....etc), the vuvuzela which deafens the players on the field, the fighting spirit of the Asian teams and so on.

 So far this World Cup is not as memorable as the last edition as I watched the matches on live internet tv most of the time, except weekends where I'm back in JB to catch it on Malaysian tv. The live feeds are terrible, most of the time,  they are lagging and jerky and sometimes the channel suddenly went off line and I gotta search for another channel. And, I ended up watching a channel in Russian, Arabic or dunno what language. :) However, the good thing now is I can watch all the matches till the final, as the quarter finals were played over the weekend where I can watched in Malaysia while Singapore tv aired the semi-finals and finals.

My predictions for the Semi-finalist - Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Uruguay. Brazil likely will beat Holland, who is not as impressive as before. Argentina are the on form team and should have no problems beating  the Germans. Germany is not a bad team but I feel that they still don't have the depth to go further in the tournament. Uruguay should overcome a spirited Ghana while Euro champions Spain, though haven't really show their form of late, is too strong for Paraguay. I'm hoping for a Argentina Vs Brazil dream final! :)

Well, that's my thoughts on the World Cup. Looking forward to this weekend for the quarter-finals matches! :) Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. hhaha u have a good weekend urself too and this year's world cup give its followers some real surprises and maybe heart attacks also

  2. manglish - ahaha...you too!! Luckily I didn't bet this year else I'm a grumpy and angry man by now. LOL

  3. This year is pretty different. I am surprised too. The underdogs seems to be in the centre stage!

  4. Hi Chris, I too guessed Brazil meeting Argentina for finals.
    Holy Smoke! Both ko'ed big time too.
    Looks like maybe Germany meet Holland, or Spain.
    Sure is fun now see European teams leading the way.
    Have fun, Lee.

  5. cleffairy - I wonder if the better players are too tired after playing in too many matches prior to the world cup

    Uncle Lee - It will be history in this World Cup- first european team to win outside Europe. No European teams has ever won the WC outside Europe!!