Rest-in-between .....

I'm feeling good after two nights of badminton where the cardiovascular effect of the taxing game has drained out most of the toxicity of the stress hormones in my system, cortisol, adrenaline and whatever flight-or-fight chemicals. *LOL* And, in reward I got the 'feel good' hormones, mainly Endorphins. I have been alert, focus, creative and relax. It's really good to exercise and if possible do it rigorously if your health permits.

While it's good to exercise, it's a sure thing that we needed to rest in between sessions of badminton games or while working out, between sets and whatever physical routines we are performing. The rest in between recuperates back our energies, let us take break to refill our body fluids, let our body cools down and so on. After the rest, definitely we can last longer or perform better in the next workout than continuous workouts with no rest.

A doctor once told me the brain is like a muscle. Though there's no physical exertion, continuously stressing the mind is like a physical workout without rest. So, regardless of taking a short or long break in between work or other mental activities like driving may also yields the same good effect, as taking breaks in a sporting event. A short coffee break with a piece of cake might reinforced the mind and body to performed better. And, a long break like going for a vacation will do wonders!!

That's just my opinion and while I'm taking a short break over a long weekend with a dreaded monday off, I wishes you a good weekend! :)


  1. Hi Chris, hey...I can't even pronounce those words, ha ha....for me, just give me my daily 5 times a day H2o and caffein shots, i.e, iced coffee....I'll be ready....not for badminton or anything strenuous....but take the wife walkabout at mall....good exercise for me.
    Stand, wait, walk 20 steps, stop, pause, lean on pillar, exercise eyes look at mini skirts passing by....ha ha ha.

  2. you too..but eeh where u going har? hahaha

  3. good for you bro,at least you know it is refreshing after the break,,,

    you have a great weekend

  4. ya, we need to take a break when our body tell us so.

  5. i went back n play last week...couldnt last for 30 mins compare to 3 hrs game last time non stop...really a big change in my life....aihhh...need to build up again.

  6. Great weekend to you as well Chris - and I agree with you - doing some sports is always good..!

  7. a great weekend.. but it's monday again tomorrow.. :(

  8. smallkucing - thanks but the weekend's over. ;(

    Uncle Lee - That's wonderful, as long as you did some exercise and feel good. Wow... Im sure you have a good time checking out the mini skirts of the SYTs. :)

    manglish - nothing eh...stayed at home and ...spent $$$ :P

    Eugene - yeap, the break's over, and time to go back to work tomorrow.

    wenn - u have a good week :)

    vialentino - go slow bro. I was like you initially when I go back to sports, especially cardiovascular type like badminton. After playing regularly, you will notice that your fitness and stamina will improved. Try taking CoQ10 supplements too!

    Claudia - u really feel good after a good workout :)

    Shirleen - thanks for visiting my blog..yeah, today's mon but i'm on leave :P